Debut Gospel album recorded after God ‘changed plan’

Graham Abrahams’ debut Gospel album I Am A Believer releases in March.

Pretoria singer-songwriter Graham Abrahams was all set to record a mainstream album but it seems God had another plan.

A reborn Christian who grew up in a Jewish home, Abrahams’ music career took off after his wife, Sally, entered three of his songs into an American song writing competition. To his surprise, he finished as a finalist and his confidence grew from there.

When he eventually decided to record an album, the plan was for it to be a mainstream project. A week before he was booked to be in studio, Graham felt that God was calling him to turn those plans upside-down. He scrapped the secular repertoire and he began piecing together his debut Gospel album, I Am A Believer. 

Says Graham: “When it comes to the difference between Gospel and Mainstream music, there is only one. Music is music, but the lyrics in music are like a steering wheel that takes you to a specific place, on a specific journey. They are like the GPS of song. Gospel lyrics help to bring you into His presence, into the very heart of God.”

I Am A Believer includes 13 original tracks, some of which were written as far back as 1992. It is Graham’s intention for churches and others to use his music in ministry, and that is why he has included a PDF of all lyrics and chord charts on the CD, say distributors, Brettian Productions. The album also features the music video for You Chose Me.

Graham, a businessman and show business enthusiast, serves as the Worship Steward at Westview Methodist Church. He is also in studio working on the Rock Opera, Hit The Road that he co-wrote and composed the music for. The stage production is based on the parable of the Prodigal Son. With a minimum cast of 16 people and live band, the production has been submitted and short–listed by the State Theatre in its competition for the best new original South African Musical.

I Am A Believer is due to release in March.

Watch YOU CHOSE ME on YouTube: 

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