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The most disturbing news to emerge recently is the SA Human Rights Commission ruling finding a Christian ministry guilty of discrimination because of its Biblical view of homosexuality.

The SAHRC found the Creare Training Centre in Bloemfontein guilty of unfair discrimination based primarily on liberal media misrepresentations, distortions and outright fabrications. (See latest development: Creare to appeal against ruling)

Pastor Cornelis Van Heyningen was falsely accused by the media of “advertising a cure for homosexuality” something he never said. Creare Training Centre is a ministry of Our Fathers House Church. They offer assistance to homosexuals who want to change their lifestyles.

Alarmingly, no complaints were lodged against Creare Training Centre. The liberal media launched a campaign of misinformation against the ministry accusing them of excluding homosexuals.

Andries Nel, the Deputy Minister of Justice responded to the media distortions and instructed the Human Rights Commission to investigate Creare, alleging that the belief that homosexuals can change (even though there is ample evidence they do) promotes violence against homosexuals.

In other words, Andries Nel is blaming the Christian Church for violent attacks against homosexual citizens. Homosexual activists have repeatedly accused the Church of preaching hate.

In case you have not realised it yet, there is an all-out attack against the authority and integrity of the Word of God by homosexual activists, their cheerleaders in the liberal media and government.

In fact, the SAHRC ruling appears to invalidate the Scriptural condemnation of homosexual practise.

It says, “The issue in the present complaint is that the Respondent expresses a religious view that the practise of homosexuality is deemed to be contrary to the divine will.”

The SAHRC ruling against Creare Training Centre has far reaching implications for the Christian Church in SA. If Creare cannot hold a Biblical view of homosexuality – then nobody can!

Tragically, in attempting to protect the rights of homosexuals against perceived discrimination, the SA Government is trampling upon the religious convictions, rights and freedoms of Christians.

Government is not only defending the alleged “rights” of homosexuals but are also utilising state power to bully, coerce, and intimidate Christians into complying with their view of homosexuality.

Christian ministries and businesses are coming under increased attack from homosexual activists. The objective is to eliminate all opposition to homosexuality thereby gaining full acceptance.

The Christian Church is slowing losing ground against this well-orchestrated onslaught. We are losing the battle primarily because of silence and apathy in the face of these relentless attacks.

The Church in SA is also doing very little to defend the integrity and authority of the Scriptures.

If government can invalidate God’s Word on homosexual practise – then it logically follows it can invalidate any Scripture or Biblical principle it may find contrary to its particular worldview.

The Church is foundationed on the authority and integrity of God’s Word. If that foundation is tampered with – it begins to disintegrate. Psalm11:3 poses the thought provoking question the Church must seriously consider, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”



  1. Re your comment “The Church in SA is also doing very little to defend the integrity and authority of the Scriptures.” I for one am part of the church, but when I stand up for the Word of God I get ‘gagged’. Why? Secular Humanism! We are facing one of the cruelest enemies mankind has ever had to confront – the religious forces of Secular Humanism. This is a belief that suggests that humans are capable of some form of morality and self-fulfilment without God and thus every effort is made to eradicate the Christian Worldview from the media, government and public education thereby affecting the whole of society.

    • Yes Dianne, it often seems to me that much of the church places Political correctness above Scriptural correctness!

  2. Thank you Errol for bringing this to the light. We must persevere in preaching Christ, the gospel of grace, and Biblical morality – despite the opposition. We must not compromise on God’s truth. If we try to be friends with the world, we will be enemies of God. Lets stand up in faith. “If God is for us, who can be against us…”

  3. I am a staunch believer in the Word of God and it clearly states the Fathers stance on this abomination. Nothing is above that name Jesus and any government needs to realize that its tenure is appointed by God. Many examples exist where Kings (governments) has been destroyed by this very arrogant stance that they put themselves above GODS commands. Nothing escapes HIS eyes and a penalty will be payable. None will be able to escape the lake of fire and the sheer agony that will last an eternity. This to the perpetrators and the supporters and lawmakers (governments) that upheld these man made human right laws and their soothsayers.