Deron Spoo –The Good Book (40 Chapters That Reveal The Bible’s Biggest Ideas): Book Review

the good bookBook Review by Val Viljoen

This newly released book takes the reader through the bible in forty chapters, each corresponding to a key bible chapter. The purpose is to explore the bible’s major themes and overall message in forty days.

I welcomed the opportunity to get an overview of God’s word in a relatively short period of time. In over 30 years of bible reading I have used various plans of going through the entire bible – usually over the period of a year. While this is of course of immense value, there is sometimes a sense of not seeing the wood for the trees.

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Deron Spoo’s unlocking of core truths gives the reader access to God’s heart and mind, making the whole bible seem more easily readable.

So whether you are a relative new-comer to the bible wanting a guide to get you started in understanding God’s word and its relevance to your life, or if you are eager for a further reminder of and insight into scripture’s major themes, this book is well worth acquiring.

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