Digital evangelism pioneer FEBA SA launches new radio station in Malawi

Reaching Malawians with the Gospel through radio

Digital evangelism pioneer FEBA South Africa has recently established a new radio studio, Litala FM, in Blantyre, Malawi.

This is the seventh radio station in Africa of this radio and online ministry which is transforming rural villages across the continent through the Gospel.

The stations are Radio FOT, Hope Radio, Radio Chiuanjota and Radio Nuru in Mozambique; Radio Shahada in Chad; KanuYah FM in Mali and the new Litala FM in Malawi which is devoted to reaching the local Yao-Muslim population.

FEBA Malawi manager Reverend Amos Siyabu said the new station was made possible through the contribution of supporters whose backing also enabled the ministry to reinstate staff who were laid off last year. He urged backers to keep on supporting and praying for the station.

During August the Malawi team visited villages near the station and followed up with 210 Yao Muslim listener club members of which 130 were led to Christ.

Nor could lockdown stop radio from reaching out to listeners and non-believers in villages in northern Mozambique.
Radio FOT in Lichinga, Mozambique, now sends 10 broadcasters at a time to 10 villages to distribute radios and inform people about programmes by showing them Facebook livestreams of broadcasts. With data being affordable in Mozambique streaming on cell phones is an efficient option.

During a recent visit to Micoco village,150km from the radio station, the ministry team started a new listener club and many people came to Christ. The village, which was once a slave community to Arab traders, has a population of about 5 000 people and had five mosques but no churches. The success in Micoco encouraged the team to visit other villages.

FEBA Malawi manager Rev Amos Siyabu preaches to women in a local hospital

Station manager Bright Sonjera said new listeners were excited about the programmes as churches are closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown, many people have been affected by the virus and they rely on radio as a source of guidance for their daily lives.

FEBA’s listeners’ club model is proving effective for reaching small and remote villages. It entails outside simultaneous broadcasts to groups of five to 50 people. The model has been implemented in Malawi and Mozambique, with Chad and Mali next on the list.

FEBA South Africa is part of FEBC International (Far East Broadcasting Company) and its listeners’ club model has also been implemented by Russian and Ukrainian ministry teams to reach and organise minority groups in rural areas in those regions. Through the process the Word is spread to neighbouring villages which gradually leads to the formaing of news groups. The clubs function as a vital social and support network for the radio ministries.

FEBA South Africa’s head office is in Pretoria and it is led by national director Dr Jurie Vermeulen. FEBA recently opened another office in the Groot Brakriver area near Mossel Bay. The ministry spreads the Gospel and inspires people through radio, internet, and other media platforms. Radio and online broadcasts, smart phone applications, and speaker boxes with memory cards are a few of the tools which FEBA uses.

The international ministry is at the forefront of digital evangelism in around 50 countries.

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