Doctors dance before Lord at medical healing conference

Doctors dancing before the Lord.
Doctors dancing before the Lord.

Originally published in Assist News

It was a sight that many thought they would ever see – doctors and medical professionals dancing before the Lord to Israeli worship music during a unique medical conference in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.

The joyful event took place on the final day of the 11th Annual World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN) Conference at the Sofia Balkan Hotel, which was attended by some 240 medical delegates from 38 countries (May 9-10, 2014), who had gathered to “Glorify the Great Physician” and discuss “Medicine, Science and Spirituality.”

Each of these medical professional attendees believes that “spiritual healing” is an answer to sickness in the 21st Century. They say that medicine alone cannot deal with some of today’s worst illnesses. But they also believe that miracles should be “documented” and various respected doctors will present actual case studies of miracles with the medical evidence to back them up.

After the audience had heard the presentation, which were also projected onto a large screen in the hotel’s ballroom, they were able to ask them questions about each “miracle.”

It had been a mainly serious gathering, although there was some wonderful music from local praise groups and the Korean praise and worship group, but then it was all change when the much-awaited Israeli musical performance by Pastor Dmitry Petrovsky, the Events Organizing Director of Crystal Forum (Israeli Pastors’ Association), who is also a pianist, composer, director, and well-known gospel singer, appeared on stage with his talented Messianic praise and worship group.

As soon as they began, there was initially some polite clapping and then the room erupted into a joyful blur of dancing doctors, who formed a circle in front of the stage and whirled around, singing along to the captivating music, and dancing before their Lord and Savior, to this group who had flown in from the land of His birth.

Petrovsky’s face lit up with joy as the doctor’s continued to forget their usual “bedside manner” and became as human as all of, and continued to draw near to the God of Israel by dancing, clapping along to the music, and loud shouts of joy.

Many of them hadn’t realized, however, that Pastor Dmitry Petrovsky had experienced first-hand a miracle of healing.

During a visit to the Manmin Central Church in Seoul, South Korea, he shared about that miracle with a reporter from the church, which is pastored by Dr. Jaerock Lee.

Petrovsky began by saying, “My family and I lived in Belarus, and in the early 2009, my wife was diagnosed with a malignant lymphoma between her two lungs. While I was praying for her, I was ‘told’ to go to Israel in prayer. I went to the Spirit of Life Church (Pastor Sergey Vocharnikov) in Nazareth, Israel. I have been working with Crystal Forum since that time.

“In the meantime, my wife attended a pastor’s seminar that Dr Jaerock Lee led in Israel and received his prayer. Then, she was healed quickly and even conceived a baby. Her doctors said it was dangerous to have a baby in her state, but we kept praying with assurance of healing and she finally delivered our baby safely in the grace of God. In October, 2011, it was confirmed by the hospital that my wife had been completely healed.”

So, after learning this, it was no surprise that he has continued to praise the God of his wife’s healing with such joy.

Many of the doctors had experienced long journeys to attend the conference, but one group, from Indonesia, nearly didn’t make it.

I learned of what happened from Dr Sharon from Hawaii, who is now living in Indonesia, who explained what happened. She said that three Indonesians – two doctors and an engineer, the husband of one of them – had arrived early in Bulgaria and decided to make a side trip to Turkey, but they did not realize that they had only had a single entry visa for Bulgaria.

“When they tried to come back via a border post, they were denied entry. First they were told it would take ten days to process, and that would have meant they would have missed the conference,” she continued.

Dr Sharon said they prayed for a miracle to take place, and after some discussion with the General Consulate of Bulgaria in Istanbul, “they got their visa in only three hours instead of ten days.”

One of the Indonesia doctors then explained that they were able to get a bus to Istanbul to see the General Consulate and managed to get the visa at 5:00 PM, and then rushed back to their hotel, to get packed.

“We had to find a metro station bus and thought that the last bus was leaving Istanbul for the Bulgarian border at 6:00 PM and when we arrived, it was already sold out,” she said.

It seemed impossible, but then amazingly they were told there was one more bus leaving at 8:00 PM and they were able to buy tickets for it.

Dr Sharon then said, “So they arrived at the border at 12:30 in the morning and then they caught a shuttle bus back to Sofia and arrived at 3:00 AM in order to be here for the start of the conference. This is their ninth conference out of eleven as they’ve only missed two.”

No wonder they were able to join with the other doctors and dance for joy at this extraordinary gathering!

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    Iam praying for my miracle, God has healed my leg before after doctors saw no hope. I had eight operations,a non-union with bone marrow infection but God promised me healing and today I walk with no problems. Now I await my tests back, to see I have cancer,Lord I place this in your hands. Please let all test be negative in Jesus Name!