Don’t miss this free PE workshop for entrepreneurs!

This weekend there is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn and to be inspired by one of the greatest success stories this country has to tell! If you are passionate about your business or an idea you may have, then you need to register for this free, one-day workshop at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Loubser Auditorium — starting at 9am on Saturday, August 20.

Raizcorp  who have  been operating in the South African Incubator industry since 2002 and were on the founding board of SABTIA (South African Business and Technology Incubator Association) are well known throughout the world for their innovative and successful model. Raizcorp have partnered with Brandhouse TM to present this innovative, lateral thinking “Pitch and Polish” workshop.

The workshop will be run by Allon Raiz, a successful man with an amazing story, (sorry I am not giving you any “spoilers”; you will have to come along to hear this unforgettable tale). Raiz is the founder and CEO of Raizcorp, the only privately held, unfunded, profitable business incubator on the African continent, supporting in excess of 200 businesses. He is an author, a radio show host, and has written and hosted a primetime reality TV show — all in the field of entrepreneurship.

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If you have the guts, you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea to an expert panel of judges for detailed feedback, training, tips and your share of prizes or you can simply attend the workshop and learn as you watch and listen.

Having personally attended last year’s workshop I am especially excited to go back this year. Sadly when we hear that a workshop is free of charge we can often underestimate the value. Frankly this is something I would pay to attend, and when we consider that we have been given this opportunity free of charge it would be a real waste to let this chance pass us by.

Should you wish to register all you need to do is sms Pitch and your name to 41859 (R1.50 per sms) and someone will contact you. Alternatively you can call Bronwyn on 011 566 2000 for more information.

So all you need to do is register, invest a day of your life in yourself and your business and you will undoubtedly walk away challenged, inspired and much the wiser!

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  1. Would have loved to attend, but will be attending a funeral… thanks for the invite