Dream comes true as schoolboy saved on street

Grant Handley

In a dream yesterday morning Jeffreys Bay-based missionary Grant Handley walked into a shop with a group of people and felt the Lord wanted to bring freedom to somebody.

In the dream they prayed with a person and Grant told him he felt the Lord wanted to bring him into freedom. The person was open to their ministry and it felt as if the Holy Spirit manifested upon them as they prayed and there was a prophetic flow and the person began to encounter God.

Grant said that in the dream he felt as if God was showing him how to evangelise people by inviting them into an encounter with Him rather than by adopting an intellectual approach. The key was to be quite intentional, asking “Can I pray with you? Can I lay hands on you?” and so creating a space where God can flow through you and the person encounters Him.

“It felt like a light had switched on and I understood that that’s what we would be aiming for when we do evangelism,” he said.

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Then he woke up. He remembered the dream clearly and wondered what he was going to do with it.

Later yesterday, while walking in a street in Cape Town, he shared the dream with a social media ministry group, saying he believed the Holy Spirit had given them a key for evangelism.

A minute later he noticed a schoolboy sitting on the side of the road outside a school with his school bag. The boy said: “Hi” and he replied: “Hi” as he walked past.

About 100m further on he sensed the Holy Spirit say: “That guy is connected with the dream I gave you.”

He didn’t want to turn back. It felt awkward. But he said he realised it was a moment of decision. He had just messaged his ministry group abut being intentional. Should he embrace the awkwardness — and possible opportunity? Or should he carry on walking?

He turned back and approached the schoolboy who started looking at his phone as he saw Grant coming.

“I was just walking past here and I felt God had a word for you,” Grant said

“Really?” the boy replied.

“Yes, I feel God wants to set you free from something because He loves you so much and He wants you to be in amazing freedom,” continued Grant. He said he also shared Galatians 5:1 which says that “it was for freedom that Christ set us free” and that we should “not again be subject to a yoke of slavery”,

Grant shared about the perfect love of the Father and about how his own life path had changed when a teacher led him to the Lord when he was 17.

The boy said he had been thinking about God and wanting to have a relationship with Him but he did not know how. His parents were not religious and he had no idea where to start.

Grant said they could pray there and then but he might want time to think about it because it entailed deciding to leave his old life behind and start on a whole new path.

The schooboy said he was ready and they prayed and he accepted Jesus right there on the pavement.

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After they prayed the boy said he felt great inside; he felt as if he was being carried. He enthused that he had thought that day was just going to be an ordinary day but now he was so excited.

Grant encouraged him to tell others and to get connected with a community of believers. The boy said the first person he was going to share his good news with was a Christian girl in his class who was such a great witness because of her kindness.


  1. Thank you for being faithful to the Spirit, Grant.

    When I go into a shop , I always ask the cashier if anybody told them on that day that Jesus loves them?
    When they say no, I say that He does. It is amazing to see how their eyes sparkle. They always say thank you and some of them say: We needed to hear this today.
    God is so good!

    God’s blessings on you in your ministry that many more souls may be reached for the kingdom.

  2. Grant says ‘ an encounter with Him rather than by adopting an intellectual approach . . ‘.

    Wow, I need to think about this, thanks.