Dutch prophetic leader says blessing Israel is key for future stability in South Africa

Arleen Westerhof speaking at the Company of Prophets Conference in Johannesburg this week. She is co-leader of God’s Embassy Church in Amsterdam, Holland, founder and facilitator of the Netherlands Prophetic Council and executive director of the European Economic Summit.

God is starting to bring a dividing line between those who bless Israel and those who don’t, said Dutch prophetic leader Arleen Westerhof at a recent meeting in Cape Town.

Westerhof, who is co-leader of God’s Embassy Church in Amsterdam, Holland, founder and facilitator of the Netherlands Prophetic Council and executive director of the European Economic Summit, was on a nine day visit, speaking at Company of Prophets SA events in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

In her Cape Town prophetic word [you can listen to the word below] she said that the SA government’s “proclamation” that it would take Israel to the International Court of Justice had opened a door in SA to “the terrorist spirit” and set the nation “on course to an economic crash”.

But she said the Lord says He has heard the cry of the praying and fasting “remnant in the nation” and is bringing a dividing line with the Sword of the Spirit between those people, businesses, cities and provinces that bless Israel and those who don’t.

Emphasising that her prophecy had nothing to do with whether she agreed or disagreed with the acts of the Israeli government, she said: “The Lord is saying there is an antisemitic spirit that has crouched behind that anti Israel movement.”

Westerhof’s prophecy comes against a background of South Africa taking Israel to the ICJ three times since January when it accused the Jewish state of genocide. The court, in The Hague, Holland, is expected to rule today on SA’s current bid to stop Israel’s military campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

She said the Lord is telling intecessors it is time to declare: “We bless the Jews. We bless the people of God. Not because they are perfect. Absolutely not. But because of God’s covenant with Abraham.”

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“And the Lord is saying South Africa, this is the key to seeing your nation set free. South Africa, this is the key to economic prosperity,” she said.

She spoke of God, in the midst of economic catastrophe, creating Goshen with entrepreneurs, business people, small business people who start to bless Israel.

“God is saying: ‘I am busy transferring the wealth of the wicked into the hands of the righteous. This is the key. South Africa, this is the key. You have repented, you have prayed, says the Lord. This is the key. You have done everything, but this is now the key for your future stability,'” said Westerhof.

She also urged intercessors to pray against civil war being stoked by certain forces in the nation. “As you bless Israel, God will take care of the bloodlust. God will take care of the riots. God will take care of the other things.

“The Lord is saying this day I give you, My people, in South Africa, the authority, in the name of Jesus, to start to bless Israel, to go out and to hold up a banner to say, there will be no riots here.There will be no bloodshed here. There will be no damaging of property here,” she said.

Calling 2024 “a year not like any other”, she said many things that will determine the future of the nation will be determined this year.

“The Lord is saying, in the midst of extreme shaking, this will be your finest hour. As you rise up, the Lord is saying, and as you occupy, in my name, blessing Israel. Blessing Israel, that’s the key,” she said.

Listen to Arleen Westerhof’s word for SA below:

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