El Shaddai Christian Academy, Port Alfred: Our seeds of potential


Support our exciting opportunity to move the school

El Shaddai Christian Academy, Port Alfred, aims to provide a quality Christian based education that will equip young people to make a difference in the world. We instil in each one a sense of destiny and purpose in Christ so that they will mature and function as successful members of the community, understanding their value, thereby valuing others.

El Shaddai Christian Academy in Port Alfred is growing. We are moving in 2014

1.            The Need

El Shaddai Christian Academy has had insufficient classroom, play and sports facilities to accommodate the growth of the school and the potential of the children.

2.            The Solution

In order to correct our inadequacies, the Academy has the vision to:

•    Purchase land on which the school and fields can be developed.

•    The suitable land identified is Green Fountain Farm.


3.            How will this benefit children?

Being able to learn and train in a state of the art school will generate confidence in the learners.  Improved teaching facilities can only improve the capabilities of our children.

The school will have enough playing facilities to suitably coach children in various sports

4.            How much does it cost?

The initial capital outlay to purchase the property is R5 million.  This amount is payable over a period of five years.  The cost of Phase one will be approximately R120 000.  Thereafter, each phase will be costed according to building prices.

5.            Where is the money going to come from?

This is where we need parents and affiliates of the Academy to participate.

The money will be raised through donations and fundraising.

6.            What is the El Shaddai Investment?

This is a funding model that allows the school to borrow money from parents (or other affiliates) of learners.  The school is facilitating a number of ways to invest in the growth and development of our children.  You choose the option, or combination of options, that suits you best.                           

Option 1: Plan A

You donate money to the school.  This is for people who would like to give the school money as a donation.  Any amounts are welcome.

Option 2: Plan B

You lend money to the school and receive it back in full with no interest when your child leaves the school, or in the event of an affiliate loaning us the money, in five years. This option is for people who will graciously allow the school to use their money for no financial gain.  For this choice you may lend to the Academy in multiples of R5 000. 

7.            What do I need to do?

At the moment the Academy is looking for your commitment.  Please familiarize yourself with the various plans, decide which best suits you, fill in the Investment Plan Application Form and return it to the Bursar via email, fax or hand. Investment documentation will be finalized. 

Your money is deposited into our call account: 

First National Bank

El Shaddai Christian Academy

Branch Number: 210917

Account Number: 62360520144

Reference: Your full name. 

Your money will be used to give our project momentum.

Our Contact details:

Tel: (046) 624 3616 Fax: 086 5974246
email : elshaddai.academy@telkomsa.net 


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  1. This is INDEED a School of EXCELLENCE & VERY highly recommended! Will be focusing especially on MATHS & SCIENCE Possibility of BORDERS if the demand is there! WHY incur HUGE extra cost of PE or GRAHAMSTOWN!