EP record launch for vocal star Nolene Spinks

Nolene Spinks.

17-year-old Port Elizabeth singer, Nolene Spinks, will launch her much-awaited EP record, Glow at Word of Faith Christian Centre on Sunday June 3 at 7pm. Entrance to the event is free.

Glow comprises five tracks, three of them having been written by Nolene.

The winner of Fresh Factor Live 2017, Nolene’s vocal ability stood out among hundreds of contestants from Port Elizabeth. The competition was judged by Bevin Samuels, 2016 South African Idols finalist, Alison Gooch, the worship leader of Burn PE and Manny Eagle, the Music and Creative Arts director of Word of Faith Christian Centre.

Among Nolene’s prizes was a free recording of her EP record, which included a photo shoot and assistance with setting up her brand.

“During the making of this EP, I picked up the guitar I got when I was four years old and really used it for the first time.” Spinks said.

From the age of six, Nolene knew that she wanted to be singer and had already recorded her first song. However, she would face rejection and bullying from her classmates, before changing schools, and finding the courage to take part in singing competitions both locally and abroad.

A new learner at her primary school, Nolene found that friendship groups and connections had already been made, and that she wasn’t accepted. Her reading-stutter had become a source mockery, and she was being bullied by her new classmates. Soon, she lost all interest in school.

“By the end of my 4th Grade, I took part in an Eisteddfod and was singing ‘Hero’ by Mariah Carrey. But when I reached the high note, my voice disappeared. That was the beginning of a six month period of not being allowed to speak unless I was in speech therapy. My diagnoses: vocal nodes.”

Now, three years later, Nolene has switched schools and has a group of friends who laugh, cry, eat and pray together.

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