Errol Naidoo resigns from ACDP leadership *UPDATE: ACDP responds *

Errol Naidoo.

Family values campaigner Errol Naidoo has resigned from the leadership of the ACDP just months after announcing a plan to revitalise the party ahead of the 2019 elections.

Citing “differing views on leadership, strategy and methodology” as the reason for resigning as ACDP communications director and national executive committee (NEC) member, he said he held no offence against anybody in the party as a result of their differences and remained convinced that the party has great potential to be a vehicle for godly change in government.


December 7 — Gateway News has just received the statement below, from ACDP deputy president Wayne Thring. It is too late to include in our weekly newsletter, so we have decided to post it in this box within our original report, where it will be available to all of our readers


We are grateful for the great work Mr Errol Naidoo has done with Family Policy Institute, and the opportunities he gave ACDP Members of Parliament to appear on his programs to inform South Africans about Parliamentary issues that would affect them and how they should respond.

Earlier this year, Mr Errol Naidoo made it public that he was joining the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), who gladly accepted him. Mr Naidoo then made it clear on many platforms, that after praying, God called him to politics to serve in the ACDP. The leadership of the ACDP accepted his bona fides and welcomed him.

It is public knowledge that the ACDP garnered 0.57% of the vote in 2014, but recent polls indicated that we have grown our support base by almost 400% nationally. In addition, the ACDP received 7% of the vote in a recent by-election in the Western Cape. The increased support base is an indicator of the collective effort and commitment of the ACDP in continuously building the profile of the party. We are not where we would like to be, but we remain committed to working hard to grow the party in size and relevance.

The President of the ACDP, Dr Kenneth Meshoe, and myself as Deputy President, have engaged with thousands of pastors, leaders and business people around the country who have responded positively to the message and vision of the ACDP. The same can be said of other ACDP leaders and members who have weathered many storms in the party over the years, yet stayed faithful and dedicated to the cause of a Godly government serving all people in South Africa.

We have had challenges with different leadership styles and methodology that needed to be worked on, and we will ensure that the concerns brought to our attention will be attended to. The process of collective decision making within the ACDP, is a hallmark of our decision making process, which is something Mr Naidoo struggled with. We believe that collective decision making is imperative to maintain checks and balances, and promote accountability to one another. Proverbs 11:14 tell us that there is safety in the multitude of counsellors.
Radical changes certainly need to be made, however, some of the changes proposed by those not familiar with the running of a political party in a democratic dispensation would prove problematic as it would flout the constitution, rules, and procedures of the ACDP. Any change to our constitution can only be considered at a properly constituted National General Conference of the ACDP.
One of the biggest challenges the ACDP has encountered over the years is a lack of finance, which has made our efforts to improve communication, employ sufficient staff, and increase the visibility of the party a mammoth task. We are deeply grateful for all our members who believe in the vision of the party, and have sacrificed their time and resources to do everything they can to help increase the support base.

It is worth noting that Mr Naidoo constantly spoke of “my vision”, not our vision, or the vision of the ACDP. The vision of the ACDP has always been very clear, that is “to bring about a Godly government in South Africa which embraces all who live within her borders; to ensure that we build strong family units where our citizens live in peace and within safe environments; and to grow our economy in order to create much needed jobs”.

In a letter addressed to the ACDP leadership Mr Naidoo called for; “Pastor Kenneth Meshoe and the NEC to immediately step down from leadership”. A few hours later, an email was received from a former member of the ACDP who is now based in the US, Mr Jack Stagman, stating that the new President must be Mr Errol Naidoo. If all the leaders did not step down – action would be taken to discredit the party in the media. It is to be noted that the leaders of the ACDP are elected by a democratic process, not ultimatums. We do not hold any offense towards Mr Naidoo or those plotting against us, and we will continue to love and pray for them.

We appreciate all the support, constructive criticism, advice and prayers, and we will do our best to implement the necessary changes to effectively advance the Kingdom of God in our nation.

The leadership of the ACDP and its members wish to thank Mr Naidoo for his contribution to the party, and the brief time he spent with us as Communications Director. We pray that the passion and commitment that he has shown for families will continue to grow, and we wish him well in all his future endeavours.

ACDP Deputy President
Cllr. Wayne Thring

“However, the ACDP must embrace change itself or face the inevitable consequences of stagnation and irrelevance,”  said the Family Policy Insititute director in a statement released today confirming his resignation.

In a brief statement released on Friday, ACDP national chair Jo Ann Downs said: “We are sorry to announce that Errol Naidoo has resigned as communications director of the ACDP.

“We had some differences about leadership in a democratic institution which by its nature is collective.

“We thank him for the work he did for us and for his continued support for the ACDP.”

Naidoo said he got officially involved in the party in June with a view to bringing about revival, renewal and growth. He resigned on November 1. He said ACDP leaders Rev Kenneth Meshoe and certain NEC members asked him to reconsider, prompting him to pray and fast before confirming his decision.

The ACDP must institute radical change if it hoped to reverse its 10-year decline in support, he said in today’s statement.

During April to October he travelled around the country at his own cost, sharing a vision of revival and growth for the ACDP, he said. His vision was to increase the number of MPs from 3 to at least 30 godly men and women to impact government with righteousness, truth and nation-building.

He said he consulted with almost 3 000 pastors and hundreds of potential voters and gathered intelligence which he believed, if acted upon, would revitalise the party.

He drafted a communications strategy addressing key areas identified by voters, viz. leadership, visibility, communications, candidates and relevance. He said he became frustrated after he did not receive the cooperation he envisaged from the ACDP leadership.

He said he continued to pray that God would guide the ACDP leadership with wisdom and understanding — and for a miracle in South Africa with the election of many more godly men and women in 2019.


  1. Again, this is disappointing news, most – oh the progressive fragmented body of Christ in South Africa, when will i stop? Oh Lord have mercy on us.

    I have often said that it is easier to sell ham sandwiches to the Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem than to get the body of Christ to work together in matters such as this. ‘Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.’ Pro 13:10 KJV

    Errol highlights a key contributing factor and turning point in his decision to resign from the ACDP. He says: ‘I do not believe the vision to renew and grow the party is possible without the implementation of the radical change proposed by Pastor’s and potential voters.’ This is a crucial point he makes in terms of the Pastors. We must remember that it is church leadership who hears from God no less than the statesmen and kings of the old testament heard from God through the prophets (church leadership) as to what direction they should take – this is God’s designated and ‘orderly manner’ in addressing matters of this nature.

    Errol goes on to note that: ‘My vision was to ensure at least 30 Godly, competent and anointed men and women joined me to influence and impact government with righteousness, truth and nation building.’ The sad truth on this point, the ’30 Godly, competent and anointed’, is that church leadership in South Africa, the Godly and anointed, the apostles, prophets; evangelists, pastors and teachers believe and teach the lie that you do not ‘mix the Lord Jesus with governance”, i.e., mix Christianity with politics! How can you NOT have Christ in governance?

    Church leadership, the responsibility is yours. Only the church has the answer to the dire straits South Africa is in and heading towards. This nation will perish, my people, the church included, will perish, (because of lack of knowledge), if you do not lead and direct her toward moral governance.

    1Peter 4:18 ‘And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?’

    Church, Errol Naidoo, Kenneth Meshoe …’Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!’ Psa 133:1

  2. A sad day indeed. Do we as the ACDP “fight” politics as the world does, or do we have the Lord of Hosts on our side and contest the battle in the supernatural? May God be gracious to us all

  3. Who you vote for determines the level of demonic access to your life. Innocent believers who vote for diabolical policies lose their spiritual authority to defense against those issues.

    People will always dissapoint us so your vote must not be about a personality but the policies they represent

    Read the manifesto and see the stand concerning issues in parliament

    That is what you must follow

    And secondly you cannot step into a party and look for position without a constituency vote
    That’s not how this works

  4. This is the best news in months. When Pastor Naidoo decided to join politics I objected because the answer to SA’s challenges will not be found in politics, but in Christ, the power of the Gospel. Also no person with a calling for souls belong in politics. I received much criticism at the time, not that it bothers me, the truth has never been popular or easy. I trust Pastor Naidoo will now channel his energy towards bringing the Church to repentance and pray God’s blessing and favour upon his life and work. Let the dead bury its own dead. Maranatha!

    • Cornelius really
      You were placed on the earth to rule and reign

      Don’t settle for the devil to occupy the position of ruler over you

      Get into position and rule

      Enough with this deafeatesr mentality bless me club

      Stand up and be counted in the structure of society

      Man up

  5. May we heed the words of the apostle Paul and commit to praying regularly for all in authority. May those in authority come to Know our Lord Jesus Christ whether they be ANC, DA or ACDP. Imagine our Nation being governed by men and women who love and obey Jesus Christ, a government on Fire for Him. 1 Timothy 2v1

  6. This is the mistake Moses made in the beginning by killing the Egyptian and try to become God’s deliverer for the people.He needed to grow in favor with God and people. We need process and humility and learn to submit first before we start demanding. It’s clear that the deception of position and title first was at play. Trying to make a name for ourselves and feed on popularity.Jesus warned the disciples against this worldly strive for position and title. Your gift will open the door to work in accountable relationships with others first.

  7. It all seems complicated and confusing what happened and why. Let me try to keep it simple and short. By the way I was an active member in the party on various positions since 2003 in the FS. Left leadership around 2011. Got thus little experience in politics.
    The ACDP has great values, I am a lifelong member and will vote for them. The NEC leaders like Kenneth, Cherryllyn, Steve and others are very good and honest people. The Q that has been discussed by the NEC and PAGC after nearly every election, after faith and so much positive proclamations prophetic words was spoken. Why do the ACDP fail to gain support in a predominantly Christian country. About 0.54% support at present. Myself tried to explain the logic of that, but failed. Many reasons or excuses has been presented by and to the leadership on various meetings over the years. One of those could be that the ACDP are following a too democratic way of choosing leaders and by that have some willing but unable people in leadership positions who prevent growth and some good ones trying to build the ACDP. In any organization when any leader is not producing growth he or she is replaced by someone who might cause growth. So I think Mr Errol came into the ACDP to really see the party succeed. The goal he set was 30 possible NPs in 2019. Many got excited. Then he might have realised radical change and proposals in the ACDP will not take place. That is where the conflict between him and the solid old and traditional ways of the ACDP came. The challenge now remains to be seen in the future. Whether the ways and methods of the ACDP, that they have applied for 23 odd years will produce great results or not. Presently my prediction is they will do much better than the last election, due to an Its Time awareness, but not even close to 30 MPs. I know that many leaders came over the years to help build the ACDP, but it is not a simple business model if hire and fire. Much more complicated. So let us not judge the ACDP leadership who must always take full responsibility for lack of growth or a person like Errol Naidoo who was expecting and even demanding radical change to this party, in order to grow from a fresh beginning. What is disturbing is to see so many new small Christian parties are starting and none seems to have the desire to unite efforts. Only time will tell, while all Christian’s asks for New government of values. Even If any one person had the solution, he or she will find it hard to unite Christian’s to agree. It is the devils weapon he us using for ages. Only a very big catastrophe, like what happened in the years 2000/2 in Fiji islands might spark that Unity of repentance and humility among believers. For now SA is not yet ready for it. Strong spiritual leaders in SA are not yet prepared to use their influence to sway voters to any Christian party.

    • Hennie, you said it, it sums up the downward spiral and demise of our nation: ‘Strong spiritual leaders in SA are not yet prepared to use their influence to sway voters to any Christian party.’

  8. Matthew Rantso

    I had the privilege of meeting with Past Naidoo during his national road show. It was clear to me that he doesn’t understand how “this works”! None-the-less;

    Our challenge as a nation is not “which” political party, but “why” political parties.
    Our current electoral system was never meant to last past the 2004 national elections; it was a temporary solution. And on that note; our current national disdain towards political parties should tell that our voters are evolving and only those parties that adapt

  9. There may be an alternative way to achieve the addition to Godly influence in parliament that we need. The party political system undermines direct accountability of leaders to the electorate. An corps of independent candidates who stand for their constituencies could achieve the same outcome. The New Nation movement is coordinating an effort to mobilize for renewal through raising up such leaders. Anyone who believes they may be called to serve in this way can contact Bulelani Mkohliswa (NNM Executive) for moe information. See website for info. New Nation Movement South Africa. Nkosi Sikelele iAfrica!

  10. Sydney Opperman

    The prophetic word is that God wants to display His manifold wisdom in this season through the BODY of Christ (the CHURCH).The HEAD of that BODY (and it is ONE BODY) is CHRIST (the BODY has the MIND of CHRIST).The BODY will function and only follow the instructions from the HEAD. If we are willing to remove the demonic cobwebs regarding what Jesus meant when He said “I will build MY CHURCH and we all vacate our own occupied territories on the BODY of Christ then Hê will step in and take His rightful place in Governance and to the increase of His Government (not democratic) there will be NO end.
    A member of the ACDP told me that GOD gave the name ACDP. I am absolutely sure thatthe GOD that I serve is not in the “democratic” business. We must establish His Kingdom on earth.What the majority thinks about His rules and instructions will not influence the views of the King of Kings !

  11. South Africans must pray that GOD raises up a SA President who hears from HIM, and implements directions given by the Holy Spirit. Are we not guilty of political endeavour,while excluding HIS guidance ? South Africa has never needed a true and committed Godly encounter more than at present.Possibly we need to be brought truly to our knees,and realize only HE has the answer. May we pray that this happens before all the wheels have fallen off.

  12. Graham Chapman

    It is about time for a new dispensation in this country. Renew South Africa Party at offers the best alternative for our future in South Africa. Here follows a word and a demonstration of an earth-shaking event that is going to literally change the face of South African politics. It will be remembered in the future and Christians of all denominations and ethnic heritages will share this Kairos dynamic change with their grandchildren down to the fourth generation. In doing so they will give all the glory to God our Father in heaven for doing what He has said for many years through His worldwide Prophets.
    An URGENT ANOUNCEMENT by Pastor Graham Chapman.
    All fellow South Africans. Here follows What God has promised me for a couple of years. A new political party.
    It has been prophesied many times for years by prophets from countries all over the world that a new government will take power in the near future in this country. As you all know when God is busy with a huge change the enemy will try to bring about distractions to counter God’s move. Vis a Vie all the new supposed Christian Party’s which are now being registered. Sorry but beware of pseudo parties which have only the following in mind. Self-aggrandizement, manipulation, control and nepotism.
    Any political party must have the best interests of the people who vote them into power at heart and I know and believe that the new party which link, I will send following this communique is the party/government that God is about to establish. The man Prof. Cornelis Roelofse, is the leader of the new party and he is a Godly man in every respect.
    This is an appeal to the millions of true Christians of all races and in all political parties in this beautiful country to rally together in a massive vote for a Kairos moment change of government. Unlike all the “other” parties that have been around for many years but haven’t really achieved much for this country and its multiracial peoples, the policies of this party, RSA, are based on Christian principles and strategically embedded in the policies rather than in a dogmatic way. This party is worthwhile having a look at. Please do check the link following and you will be pleasantly surprised at the party’s draft policy. Finally, if you are frustrated with the current situation in this awesome country maybe it is time to consider joining the party that WILL bring about change for the good of all of South Africa’s peoples.
    Here follows a word and the link from the leader of the party concerned.
    “All political parties are trying to steer the sinking ship of South Africa. Only Renewed South Africa Party offers a completely different option to voters. Our policies will get our country out of debt and create jobs. We offer solutions not political rhetoric.”
    Prof Cornelis Roelofse
    National leader.

  13. What will Errol Naidoo be doing now?

  14. We only rule and reign in the end during the millennial reign of Christ on earth. The last commandment was not go rule and reign. You didn’t see Jesus do that whilst He was on earth… His last commandment was to peach the gospel to the end of the earth…. My people perish for the lack of knowledge…
    When we “man up” we step away from Christ. Step into the Word, not the world, and have God do His work through you.