Excitement ahead of Cape Town Youth Transformation Africa event


Excitement is starting to build in the Mother City, with just over a week and a few days to go, to the #YTAUnite event on Saturday June 24 2017 at the Belville Velodrome, which is aimed at changing the lives of young people.

An expected 6 000 young people will attend the event.

Cape Town is trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty, gangsterism, and crime; and Youth Transformation Africa aims to help young people escape this life through Jesus Christ, says YTA in a press release.

Dove award winner and Grammy-nominated songwriter, Neville D and a former Idols winner, Heinz Winckler are among the artists, who will perform on the day.

Winckler boasts a 4th place in World Idol, three SAMA nominations, three Ghoema award nominations and four Tempo award nominations.

“I hope to see young people come to salvation and right standing with God and being empowered to take their city for God,” said Winckler.

“Leaders should stop asking how we can please get more people to tithe, and start asking how can we live out the heart of God and the words of Jesus in their community. Young people are attracted to authenticity and stability wrapped in a presentation relevant to their age and culture.

“The only way to stop the cycle of brokenness, bitterness, anger and fatherlessness that leads to these symptoms of violence, drugs and corruption we see in society, is to have Godly men rise up and be true Jesus followers that influence their communities,” he said.

The city’s youth can also look forward to the music of Jonathan Rubain, Kinetic IV, Johan Brits, Drummers Unite and Stuart Martheze, who put together a special YTA band for the event.

Kinetic IV, working under the banner of the Message Trust in South Africa, say they exist to share the good news of Jesus Christ with young people across the peninsula. They share their faith through music and their stories, and reach out to schools, prisons, communities and churches.

The founder of Youth Transformation Africa, Kyle Driver says the YTA gathering aims to evangelise young people with the good news and to also see a church united. It is focused on the younger generation as they make up the majority of people in the country.

“The enemy targets the young. Gang leaders recruit children as young as 9-years-old,” says Driver.

The city of Cape Town will bear witness to transformation, by the power of the Holy Spirit, when churches and organisations unite in Jesus Christ, he says.

Driver has called on the fathers of the city and church leaders, to support the youth event.


  1. Suzette van Rooyen

    We pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon this meeting. That many of the young people will be healed and restored by the a Father heart of God as He reveals Himself to the young people.

  2. Who can l speak to reference services rendered

  3. Hi
    Will there be busses running from the different communities again?

  4. Hi Nicky

    You may contact the organisers in this regard, on +27 63 655 7918 or email: info@yta.org.za

    Be blessed :)