Expectant mom still preaching on streets in Uganda: ‘no excuses’

Originally published in UG Christian News

“The greatest honour in my life is sharing my Jesus,” she says.

An expectant Christian mother still proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ on streets in Uganda has caught the attention of several Christians.

Evangelist Gorret Odama who is married to Apostle Tom Aita Odama, took to social media recently and revealed that to her, evangelism is a privilege that cannot be taken lightly.

“No excuse,” she said.

Together with her husband, Gorret daily leads a team of street evangelists with megaphones either to a public location or door-to-door to share the Gospel. This is also done online.

They believe that people are hopelessly lost without Christ especially now that attendance to prayer services has been regulated by government across the country in a bid to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

“One more Spirit outreach before giving birth to my baby. The message is Jesus Christ, our propitiator,” ~ Gorret.

“The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ must be preached,” she said on December 2. “Let us all run with the preaching of the Gospel without any excuse regardless of age, situation, education, name, status, race, tribe because it’s an eternal authoritative call to all nations,” she added.

“If you have never been born again, this is your hour and your moment, remember the church is rounding up its age and we are drawing closer and closer to the departure of the church of Jesus Christ. It’s gonna take place sooner than you think,” Gorret said in another Facebook post.

As we have reported before, preaching openly in a public area, has been a method used throughout the history of Christianity for the purpose of evangelising people who would not typically enter a church.

Various Pastors in Uganda and across the globe believe this historic method of evangelism can be effective in sharing the gospel with unbelievers.

It may appear less effective than in the past, preachers say, and it may indeed offend those who resist the truth, but street preaching continues to be used by God around the world to lead people to faith in Christ. 

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