Faith Broadcasting Network partnering with Parables TV to bring premium Christian entertainment

faithparablesFaith Broadcasting Network has entered into an agreement with Parables TV to bring premium Christian entertainment to all its viewers, says FBN in a press release.

Parables TV was developed to provide families with an alternative to traditional network television. The programs offered are thought provoking, uplifting and will inspire discussion about topics that are important to the viewers’ faith. Parables TV feature Christian movies, documentaries, series, children’s programming and original productions, exclusively a faith-based entertainment network that inspires one story at a time. 

The channels on Faith Broadcasting Network already feature an impressive line-up of programmes that teach and inspire, promote healthy lifestyles and present a family-friendly environment. The new partnership with Parables TV will see the latest premium Christian movies added to the programme line-up. 

The partnership with Parables TV extends to all the FBN channels as well as their streaming and VOD platforms. This includes FaithAfrica (DSTv 341), ClearTV (Sentech/Vivid) as well as FlowTV (BSkyB UK). 

“The benefit of our partnership with Parables TV to our loyal viewers cannot really be calculated,” says FBN CEO Dr André Roebert. “It is an honour for us to partner with like-minded people and businesses across the globe, to firstly see the Kingdom of God extended, and further to enhance the experience offered to our viewers.”


  1. Dear Andre (Viljoen).I feel very sorry about the fact that nothing is mentioned ,did nobody watched the revival week broadcast live on FAITH, at christian revival church,Pretoria? It was a full week of Holy Ghost blessings every evening,Beautiful worship,real old fashion revival with Rodney Browne,signes and wonders,what a time we had,so sad not a single mention,I was looking out,the last two weeks for the follow up,sorry you really missed out..Blessings to you and all our readers !!Shalom!!

    • Hi Lodewyk. Next time please send us the news. :) I am the ONLY full time member of our team and I am helped by a few awesome volunteers. In our weekly newsletter I send out I always ask for readers to send news from their area and I invite people to consider joining our team of volunteer reporters. God is doing such great things all the time and we would love to share more than we currently do. But we are already super stretched and need many more partners! Blessings.

  2. Dear Andre,may our Lord really back you up,because I did not know,sorry brother,I want to help in future . Our GOD is so great..I enjoy every week, just not enough time,but will keep busy till our LORD comes,soon.. but He still wants to add to the Wedding!!!