Faith funding, festival vision for Karoo Mighty Men 2013

The Karoo Mighty Men Conference Committee has taken a huge step of faith and decided to invite men to attend the KMMC 2013 on a voluntary donation basis.

Having hosted thousands of men at the inaugural KMMC in 2011 and at this year’s event, the committee members are well aware of the high cost of staging the event. They are, however, unanimous in their conviction that the KMMC 2013 from 26 to 28 April must be offered in the spirit of the Biblical festivals of Israel where people from all over the nation came together for a time of joyful celebration and to encounter God. All men are invited to participate in the festival and to freely contribute whatever they are led to give.

Once again the KMMC will be held on the farm Renosterfontein, near Middelburg and the line-up of speakers will include Mighty Men founder, Angus Buchan.

Explaining its decision to offer the KMMC 2013 on a donation basis, the committee says: “As a committee we have always been inspired by Angus’s faith. In 2007 we arranged a free, weekend family event in Middelburg. We hired 3 000 chairs from Bloemfontein and set them out in a big hall.  We were amazed as people came from all over the place to attend the event in our small town. There were just enough chairs for everyone! That is what is on our heart for the KMMC 2013. We just want to extend an invitation to everyone to come along and enjoy a Jesus festival in the same way that the people of Israel enjoyed their special feast days. Those who cannot afford to pay can attend for free. Others can contribute as much as they are led to.

“For 2013 we want to build on the foundation of Angus’s faith: believing without seeing, exercising ‘potato faith’ that trusts that God will provide miraculously in the hour of need. After two years we know the cost of hosting a Mighty Men but we are all of one mind that we must walk this road. We must present the Karoo Mighty Men 2013 without a set entry fee.”

The committee says it has great expectations for the KMMC 2013. It believes that people will catch the vision and flock to the event; that all costs will be covered and that God’s kingdom will be poured out as never before.

“It will not be just any festival. It will be a festival or joy and celebration where Christ will be honoured. It is inspiring that when Angus spoke at the Feast of Tabernacles in Israel in September the Holy Spirit appeared as a mighty rushing wind as in Acts chapter 2. “

Men attending the KMMC 2013 will have an opportunity to contribute to the upfront costs of the event by making a donation on the KMMC website, once registration opens. There will also be barrels at the event where men will be able to place their contributions.


  1. . I will be there with my son and God willing, a few other boys as well. I will also contribute willingly and sufficiently. Andre, please would you keep us updated?

  2. If there is a fixed price, you will know what you will get per person, but when you raise the money in faith, I can assure you that you will get much more than the R150 we paid per person, faith works!