Faith put to the test in popular trilogy

Book Review by Amanda Mould

MARK OF THE LION SERIES by Francine Rivers
Genre : Historical Epic

How much faith do you have and would you compromise that faith under pressure? Haddasah the primary character in Book One — Voice in The Wind — has the kind of faith that every Christian should have. The hardship she endures, the choices she needs to make would send any person on a road to destruction. Yet her servant attitude, her humility, her kindness, her long suffering, her patience all make you want to have a faith such as hers.

In Book Two  — An Echo in The Darkness — you see how Marcus is like so many people who see God’s handiwork constantly but do not recognise it for that because their eyes have not been opened. We are taken on a journey through Israel in the time after the Judeo – Roman wars.

In Book Three — As Sure as Dawn – we follow Atretes back to Germania where pagan gods are still worshipped and blood sacrifices are still the norm. How can such barbaric practices be overcome by the love of God? Each of these stories deals with a different level of our Christian walk and how different people meet with God and how God talks to each.

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