Fiery call to join in Election Burn in Nelson Mandela Bay — and beyond

Special report by Burn 24-7 leader Pete Gooch on plans for 24-hour prayer and worship over the election time

With level 1 in place and movements become more normalised / events gearing up, we are launching the long-awaited citywide worship and prayer Burn, which kicks off with key timing around this exciting upcoming election.

The Body is hungry for all-night worship and prayer. This is a crucial time for this city and for this nation. Our people are tired of promises, with many municipalities falling apart. Community men and women are rising up to govern their wards. And as the Church let us stand in the GAP (excuse the pun as this Election Burn is at GAP church) for our Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth).

So far there are 13 churches involved.

And an invite goes out to all cities and towns to gather in unity across race and denomination and have a time of prayer and worship.

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So for those in Nelson Mandela Bay, starting after your Sunday evening services we invite you to have some food and head to GAP — Sun 8pm 31 Oct till 8pm Nov 1 at GAP Presby church, opposite Greenacres, 50 Nile Street

With a focus on our city and its governance.

I was feeling a need to pray personally for our candidates and councillors. And felt a few ideas around this:

This Sunday, churches make an announcement to invite congregants to invite candidates to Sun 31st morning service.

Then next Sunday have a moment where they are prayed for in service

We are also trying to see if we can reach out after the polls close on Monday 1 to the candidate gatherings as they wait through the night for the counting results.

Take a meal or refreshments and offer to pray and bless these leaders, as they, with God, can make a change in the communities they are accountable to and are there to serve. As the Church let’s build important bridges with our leaders.

There is that slogan thar says don;t complain if you haven’t voted. Well, in the words of Paul, don’t complain if you haven’t prayed.

“Most of all, I’m writing to encourage you to pray with gratitude to God.
And pray for every political leader and representative, so that we would be able to live tranquil, undisturbed lives, as we worship the awe-inspiring God with pure hearts.”

— 1 Timothy 2:1a, 2

Lets stand in unity at this time, stand in the GAP and see a turn around in our Nation.


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  1. How wonderful that the church is coming together for 24 hr prayer over the election date. This is what I feel the Lord would have us do at this time. Is there such a move in Cape Town and where would it be held? I would love to be a part of this move.

  2. PS: As the Bible says; “In the praises of my people I will defeat the enemy.” It is also Halloween at this time when there is much demonic activity. God’s people are the only ones who can deal with the Goliath’s over our nation. In Isaiah 45 : 8 “I will send victory from the sky like rain; the earth will open to receive it and will blossom with freedom and justice. I, the Lord, will make this happen.” Also Isaiah 42 : 10 to 12 is all about singing and praise. Then verse 13 says, “The Lord goes out to fight like a warrior; he is ready and eager for battle. He gives a war cry, a battle shout, he shows his power against his enemies. The Word also tells us to ask, which is prayer, and we will receive. Let us be bold and ask for South Africa!