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I write this newsletter from Johannesburg where Arlene and I have joined Pastor Theo and Bev Wolmaran’s 35 Year Celebrations at Christian Family Church. God has truly blessed their work.

We just completed an exhuasting but blessed 7 day ministry tour of Durban where I spoke at two Ministers Fraternals and preached in several Churches across the KZN region.

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We also participated in the National Alliance For Life Conference and the National March For Life in Umhlunga. This program will feature on “Watchmen on the Wall” on TBN Africa in two weeks.

Arlene and I are deeply grateful to the Lord for the many open doors and the opportunity to meet so many incredible Christians serving God with distinction. We were greatly encouraged on this trip.

I recently received the “Draft Sexual Offences Amendment Bill” from the Department of Justice.

The amendments follow two Constitutional Court matters contesting the constitutional validity of criminalising consensual sex between children of 12 to 16 and the mandatory inclusion of the names of children convicted of sexual offences against other children on the National Register for Sex Offenders.

I include the Draft Amendment Bill Here. Please send your comments on this Bill to Henk Du Preez at by October 30, 2014. Your comments – no matter how brief – are vital.

Please be aware that sexual rights activists have focussed their attention on sexualising children including lobbying for legislation that gives minor children “sexual rights” independent of parents.

The United Nations Family Rights Caucus is leading the fight at the UN to defend the family and promote the Judeo-Christian value system that protects and strengthens natural families.

They have distributed a link urging citizens to support the call to the UN to include the family in global resolution documents. This petition demands the UN protects the natural family.

Marriage and the natural family are under unprecedented attack from sexual rights activists across the globe. I need your prayers and participation to not only defend and protect these vital institutions but to defeat the sexual rights agenda. You and I must stand up for marriage and the natural family!

Arlene and I will travel to Utah in the US on October 19 to participate in the three day Strategic Planning Summit of the World Congress of Families (WCF).

WCF brings together some of the world’s leading pro-family leaders, scholars, social scientists, activists, lawmakers, academics and advocates to formulate strategies to defend the family.

Please continue to pray for Arlene and I and the team at Family Policy Institute. The battle for marriage and the natural family is heating up. We dare not grow complacent.

On Friday, October 10 I participate in a debate on “Religious Freedom and the Constitution” at Wits Law School in Johannesburg. Included in the debate is the question; “Is satanism a valid religion?” 

We have much work to do — the threat is formidable. But we are confident God will give us the victory!


Errol Naidoo

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