Finally, by popular request — a Mighty Women’s Conference!

The campsite which will be the venue of the first Mighty Women’s Conference. The picture was taken on the first morning of this year’s Mighty Men Vaal.

An event that many women have been asking for is finally happening. The first official Mighty Woman’s Conference (MWC) is taking place from September 7 to 9 on a guest farm south of Johannesburg.

The MWC has its historical roots in the Mighty Men movement founded by Angus Buchan in 2004 and “is here to stay”, says Peter Mills of Made In His Image Ministries, which is hosting the event.

Mills explains that he, together with his father, two brothers and a nephew attended Buchan’s final MMC on his Greytown farm in 2010. He says he went reluctantly simply because his eldest brother bought him a ticket and wouldn’t let him say no. But all of them were impacted by the experience and since then they established Made In His Image Minstries and have hosted “two incredible Mighty Men Vaal events” at Malonjeni Guest Farm between Vereeniging and Meyerton.

Wives and girlfriends
“While organising these events we would constantly receive enquiries from the wives and girlfriends of the men that were attending our events, asking when we would be organising a Mighty Women’s event. We spent much time in prayer, before we finally sat down and discussed the possibility of hosting something like this.

“It took quite some time before actually deciding that we would be hosting the very first proper Mighty Women’s conference.  One of the slogans for our event is ‘Women have a place in God’s army’ and Made In His Image firmly believes that the women of our country have an important role to play in South Africa’s revival.

“The following message was posted on our Facebook page by my father (also Peter Mills) and stands for everything we believe in going into our Mighty Woman’s Conference:  ‘God’s command was not just to reach all women in the world – because that’s what the church has preached for years – but God wants us to reach into the world of every woman.'”

Warm water
By popular request from women the MWC will be a camping weekend, like the men’s event on the same venue as the MMC Vaal events. However, Mills assures women that warm water and dishwashing areas will be readily available.

” We are also offering a catered option which we have not done in the past.”

Vanessa Lourens, Zania Schoeman, Carolle Watson and Angelique du Toit will lead the services and Lenór Cloete will lead praise and worship.

Mills says that Made In His Image Ministries is excited and honoured to be hosting the event and that the speakers are just as excited and can’t wait to get to minister to the women who will be attending.

He says the event will focus on declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they trust that God will change lives.

“We have had incredible testimonies from the men’s events.  Alcohol and drug addictions cured, men who were beating their wives turned their lives (and their families lives) around and are living happily as Christians should.  We know from organising these events that many people come there for answers.  In some cases, very specific answers.  We hope and trust that God will give them the answers they seek.”

He says because the women’s event is a first “everyone is waiting and watching to see what this becomes”.

However he is certain that the first MWC is just the beginning.

“This event is here to stay, and will be hosted around the same time next year, and the year there after and hopefully for many years after that.”

He says while the response so far has been quite qood “it’s not about the size of the event, or how many people attend.  It’s about how many people give their lives to God, how many people come to the event and realise that there is an answer to the questions they have, and that, where they may have experienced hatred and pain in their lives, there is a Father who loves them no matter what or who they are.”

More info about the conference is available on the event’s website.


  1. Fanie Herselman


  2. Praise God for this wonderful initiative. I believe that God is calling for the Deborah’s to arise at this time – as Mothers in Israel! Judges 5: 7 “Village life ceased until I, Deborah arose.”

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    God Bless

    Petro Bester

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  5. Live to attend the camp and to become the woman God wants me to be

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