Fired-up after Brazil, Buchan looks to October rally at FNB Stadium

Angus Buchan and Christians in Belo Horizonte, Brazil claim a World Cup soccer stadium for Jesus Christ.

Angus Buchan has booked the largest soccer stadium in Africa — the FNB Stadium in Nasrec, bordering Soweto — for October 12, the farmer evangelist says in an interview recorded for Gateway News shortly after his return from a mission trip to Brazil.

Touched by the hunger for revival he encountered in Brazil he says: “I have come home with great expectancy for South Africa. And so, in faith we have gone ahead and booked the FNB Stadium for the 12th of October and are trusting God that it will be filled to capactiy — the stadium and the field.

“Please pray for us because without revival there is no future for this country or any other country for that matter!”

Reflecting on is visit to Brazil, Buchan says he was expectant but a little bit anxious about his first trip to South America and how things would work out with his messages being relayed in Portuguese by interpreters.

“But I needn’t have worried because the Holy Spirit was there before me. I have not experienced such a hunger for revival (‘avivamento‘) before — the men and women, boys and girls are so hungry for the things of God and when people have a hunger for God the Lord shows up — and He did indeed.”

Angus Buchan (left) and his Portuguese interpreter in action at a service in Maringa, Brazil.
Angus Buchan (left) and his Portuguese interpreter in action at a service in Maringá, Brazil.

Buchan says literally whole auditoriums of people were ready to come forward and respond to the Gospel message even before he made any altar calls. He first preached in Maringá in Southern Brazil and then flew to the city of Belo Horizonte “where we claimed the soccer stadium for Jesus Christ”.

“I spoke in a church which has a membership of 35 000 people — 400 pastors. I must be honest, I asked the Lord ‘What is it You want: why do You need a South African farmer to come and preach to these people? But God works in His own ways and again the response was unbelievable. In that particular church, called Gethsemane Baptist Church, they have services every day of the week. I walked out of the church after a midweek meeting at 11:30 at night and I saw streams of young people going into the church. I asked them ‘what’s happening?’  They said they were about to start another service for the university students. But they still want revival — national revival!”


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