Former Muslim Sheikh attacked in Eastern Uganda for following Christ

The lives of former Muslims who turned to Christ are increasingly under threat in Uganda (PHOTO: Graham Hobster/Pixabay).

Originally published in International Christian Concern.

A former sheikh (Muslim teacher) in eastern Uganda who secretly became a Christian on Christmas Day last year, decided to tell his family about his new faith last month. Marijan Olupot invited his pastor to his home in Obokora village, Obokorasub County, Kibuku District on the evening of May 14.

Olupot, who had two wives, told Morning Star News by phone that, he then revealed his Christian faith to his wives and called on the pastor to explain the Gospel so that the church leader could lead his family to faith in Christ. One of his wives put her faith in Christ as Lord and Saviour, and the other declined.

He added the following: “Three weeks later, the wife who had declined left the household and told a Muslim leader of the family’s conversion to Christianity, including three children. The Muslim leader then told other Muslims that their sheikh had left Islam. Muslim villagers on June 8 surrounded Olupot’s house at about 11.30 pm and set it ablaze. Olupot, his wife and three children aged 10, 12 and 14 fled through a back door”.

Olupot also told Morning Star News the following: “Unfortunately, as we were fleeing in the night, the attackers managed to get hold of my wife and beat her with sticks, injuring her left hand, back and right leg, but thank God my Christian neighbours rescued her.”

His wife was in stable condition after neighbours rushed her to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. He and his family have taken refuge in the home of another pastor while she continues to undergo treatment.

Olupot said: “We need prayers at this trying moment, as the Muslims are out to kill me. My other wife is scheming for my death. The fire destroyed valuables and other belongings in his home worth about 10 million shillings (R450 000)”.

Olupot came to Christianity after a business colleague told him about Christ.

MBBs (Muslim Background Believers) in Uganda are often persecuted for their conversion. They face threats, physical abuse and disowning by family for their belief in Christ. This also causes many of them to have to go into hiding to protect themselves and their families. Please continue to pray for families like this who must hide from their relatives simply for their faith in Christ.

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