Freed Boko Haram hostages praise God for survival

Women and children rescued from Islamist militant group Boko Haram in the Sambisa forest by the Nigerian military arrive at an internally displaced people’s camp in Yola. (PHOTO: Reuters).

Originally published in Christianity Today

The freed hostages of Boko Haram who were recently rescued by the Nigerian army have recounted the terrifying ordeals they suffered at the hands of the Islamic extremists, and they are thanking God for their survival.

“We just have to give praise to God that we are alive, those of us who have survived,” 27-year-old Lami Musa told the Associated Press.¬†

Musa, together with 274 other girls, women, and their babies was among those who were rescued by government forces and they are now seeking haven at the Malkohi refugee camp, a deserted school that is situated in Yola, the capital of northeastern Adamawa state.

Musa shared that the rescue came right on time, since she was already promised as the wife of one of her husband’s killers. The militants took her from her village in Lassa after killing her husband and left her three children unattended five months ago. Musa still has no clue what happened to her three children.

“They took me so I can marry one of their commanders,” she said. “When they realised I was pregnant, they said I was impregnated by an infidel, and we have killed him. Once you deliver, within a week we will marry you to our commander.”

When Boko Haram militants found out that rescue was on the way for the girls, they ordered them to move out, but the girls refused so they started stoning them to death, according to the Associated Press. Twenty-year-old Salamatu Bulama survived the attack, but not all of the girls were so lucky.

“I think those killed there were about 10,” Bulama said.

Even though she was rescued, Bulama is still reeling from the loss of her two-year-old son, who died two months ago because of an illness that was made worse by malnutrition. “What will I tell my husband?” she said in tears.

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