Gearing up for great awakening in SA — Lindy-Ann Hopley


A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

I am so excited about this last adventure… Woo-hoo you are going to be so blessed at the beautiful witnesses of what God did!

On my last trip in Europe it was as if God called me back to South Africa. To sow into this nation I call home. So I postponed and cancelled some of my oversees trips to be here.

Our nation is at the brink of revival — and I am not going to miss it! My prayer: Lord let me part of the great awakening!

Time to take the harvest.

August kicked off with Women’s Day!

A lil’ something for the ladies!

The same night I took the above clip at CCFM’S Great Gospel Night out at the Artscape, God healed a man’s leg who was walking with crutches after having been shot five times! Make sure to be signed up for the Beautiful Witness Monthly to see the video!

Prophetically in tune as always, Artist Ilse Kleyn prophecies to the Bride through her gift. Check out her site for the accompanying word.

Now is the time to go!!! Or partner with those who do, but we need all hands on deck for what God is about to do in this nation!

I had two meetings before heading up North.
One was at Beit Salem in Stellenbosch and the other with Transformers, close to where I live.

Radio interview in Cape Town
The morning of my flight  I had a quick interview with CCFM — this was great! We invited listeners in need of healing to call in — right there on the phone — miracles! Best was when the lady who runs the prayer line received her miracle too!

Had some great time with friends and family over the weekend in Johannesburg and then it was off to Bloemfontein…

Some great meetings followed – I will be returning there soon! Keep an eye out!

I spontaneously ended up getting invited to minister to 12 girls at iDestiny Camp. It was awesome! All the girls were touched, healed and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Sometimes it’s not the biggest crowd that needs you, but the small one tucked away somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Jesus stopped for the one, so will I.


From there headed to Lady Grey.

The lady might have started out grey, but she definitely caught fire! God moved in radical ways!

The first morning I spoke at a school of about 150 students. I started with singing “You are Alpha and Omega” — they loved it and all sang along! But when I called up the boy with a broken foot and crutches – that’s when God showed off His goodness and power.

I prayed. God healed. He banged his foot three times, so hard it made a loud “bang” on the wooden-floored stage. Everyone’s mouths hung open in shock! When I asked who wants to give their lives to Jesus of course they all said “Yes!”. Another glorious party in heaven for many lost souls coming home.

That night was the first night of two in the Country Club. Many confessed Jesus as Lord while weeping at the altar. Many people who have never before encountered a living manifest God! Afterwards people were hugging each other in the parking lot asking forgiveness and so on — in tears! Only God can do such a thing! Amazing grace!

The second day I was at another school — this time the primary school. Some of the boys already smoking tik. After sharing my testimony, a 100% salvation response followed. You must watch as I told them about the Helper and we asked the Holy Spirit to baptize us. Wow! Acts 2.

From there we did outreach into the local community with great success! Followed by baptisms in a jacuzzi. Praise the Lord. Snow on the mountains didn’t stop us! Glory!

That evening heaven broke open – salvations, Holy Spirit baptisms, miracles and more! One lady was completely deaf in her one ear — God opened it for all to see! My favourite was after I asked God to release His gathering angels to fetch those who wouldn’t usually come to a meeting like this – and after 10pm I watched the fruit of my prayer walk through the door!

The meeting was drawing to a close — or so I thought. Suddenly the door opened and a drunk man walked in and straight to the altar to give his life to Jesus. A few minutes later two more followed — a man and a lady. Both drunk as well.

“If you just walked in and need Jesus – come to the altar”. Immediately they turned and came. She was tiny. With hands around my stomach she held onto me looking up at me as if I was Jesus Himself. “How did you get here?”, I asked .”Madam, something told me to come here ” and the other two said the same thing happened to them! I can not even imagine the smile on God’s face at these “dronkies” following His voice. Prodigal sons and daughters coming from the pig pen to the throne of grace. Amazing.

Petrusburg, Freestate
Friday morning early I headed to another “plattelandse dorpie” — Petrusburg.

The presence of God was tangible from the get go!

This lady was deaf for 20 years. Was. God touched her! She could hear me without her hearing aids, which she wasn’t able to do before! Hallelujah!

The Ladies Tea was spectacular! There was a lady who had a vertebrae growing over the others which caused her so much pain that she was bedridden for three months! They wanted to bring her and put her on a mattress, but then we decided we would pray before the meeting started, so she could be healed sooner! That’s exactly what happened!

You can watch her testimony and the meeting below:

Too many glorious salvations, healings, deliverances, Holy Spirit baptisms, fire baptisms and water baptisms to count, but Sunday morning was my personal highlight.

My heart burns for revival. The type we read about. Sunday morning I was asked if I could give 20 minutes of my time before church to about 60 girls at the boarding school. There were all ages – from Grade 1 to Matric. Nothing out of the ordinary until I asked the Holy Spirit to touch them. A sovereign move of the Lord broke out! “Call the church and tell them to continue on without us — there is no way we can leave now!” Children started weeping uncontrollably. I have only seen something like this once before. Sovereignly children started to be set free from demonic spirits without me praying for them. Little children were sliding off their chairs in the presence. I was on my knees weeping at His humility and His love for them. For all of us.

From there straight to the church, where I grabbed the microphone, fell on my knees and carried on where we left off. Many fell on their faces before the Lord at the altar. Words can not do justice to the intense encounter.

Towards the end a deafmute man was brought to the front to receive prayer. I prayed and stood so that he could not read my lips and asked him to repeat after me. The church went wild when he repeated “Jesus is lief vir my!” — Jesus loves me!

Ah, what a magnificent God we serve! My God’s not dead He is surely alive!!!

Baptisms on a farm followed and a baptism service followed that night!

One family even offered their golden wildebeest and her two babies on auction as a gift into Beautiful Witness Ministries — what a beautiful sacrificial offering. Let me know if you are interested.

Also got sent home with six bags of biltong and droêwors and rusks! Wonderful.

“Dankie dat jy bereid was om te kom na ons klein plattelandse dorpie” — my host.

Back in Cape Town waiting on God.

Wow wow wow Prys die Here!!!
Now is the time for revival!
Pray for South Africa. The prophets have spoken – now it’s time for the harvest!



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  1. Inderdaad is ons Here aan die werk !!
    To HIM as KING, all the glory!! LORD JESUS will You mighty bless this willing vessel to overflow, for many to follow in YOUR FOOTSTEPS. To see wonders unheard!! AMEN in JESUS NAME !!!