Global conference on religious freedom to be held in Cape Town

This convocation is for “a time such as this”, says Reg Willis, Chairman of the South African Christian Lawyers’ Association which is co-hosting the conference.

From August 12 to 16, 350 Christian lawyers, academics, legislators, judges, pastors and leaders from all over Africa and around the globe will gather in Cape Town to discuss the escalating threat of religious intolerance and an appropriate response thereto.

The conference marks the 11th biennial convocation of Advocates Africa, a dynamic network of Christian lawyers from across the continent, and is hosted jointly by Advocates Africa and South African Christian Lawyers Association (CLA).  

The theme of religious liberty
Speakers will include high profile South African leaders, international experts and victims of religious persecution, all of who will speak to the theme of the conference namely “Religious Liberty: a Touchstone for True Freedom in a Modern World”.

Given the widespread incidences of religious intolerance and violence experienced by communities (not only in Africa and the Middle East, but increasingly also in the West), the theme of this year’s convocation is truly appropriate. The convocation will provide an opportunity for dialogue, education and serious contemplation as to the way forward on this poignant issue.

In addition to the primary theme, the convocation will place an emphasis on corruption and the challenge we face to formulate a constructive response to address this scourge and its effect on our communities and nations.

As the theme of this year’s conference is relevant not only to Christian lawyers but is particularly pertinent to the Christian church and community, the invitation to this year’s convocation has been extended to a broader audience including pastors, Christian leaders, ministries and businesses.

According to Advocate Reg Willis, Chairperson of the Christian Lawyers Association, “this convocation is for a ‘time such as this’ ”. He encourages “people committed to advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom in the last days before our King returns”, to attend the conference – to learn about the current challenges that we as Christians are facing, and to help us find legal and practical solutions that will protect and promote our religious liberty.

Conference and registration details
The conference will be held at Lagoon Beach hotel ( near Milnerton, Cape Town and will kick off with a welcome address followed by a cocktail dinner on Wednesday, August 12, 2015. The conference will wrap up with a closing service on Sunday, August 16, 2015.

To register, and for all the information on the programme, speakers and content, please visit the conference website at  

Registration closes on Friday, July 31, 2015. Numbers are limited and delegates are thus advised to register as soon as possible.

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