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Action needed now to oppose Money Laundering Bill’s threat to NPO sector

On Tuesday morning the parliamentary committee on finance considered submissions from ChristianView Network and other organisations on an over-stringent anti-money laundering bill that threatens to financially and administratively strangle most of South Africa’s non-profits, who are unlikely to be able to comply. The good news is that this morning the […]

Teasa Health Commission condemns assassination of corruption whistle blower

The “cruel and callous” assassination of Gauteng Health Department corruption whistle blower Babita Doekaran was aimed at silencing and frightening those “who still stand for integrity, ethical values and leadership”, says the Health Commission of The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa in a media. statement. Commending the murdered senior finance […]

Christians dying as corruption prolongs terrorist scourge in Nigeria — Elizabeth Kendal

Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin — by Elizabeth Kendal Despite being resource-rich and having the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria has more people living in poverty than any other country on earth. To Nigeria’s shame, more than 102 million Nigerians live in poverty, which is more than twice the number in India […]