Global hit song from SA inspires virtual ‘prayers for Jerusalem’ event

 Jerusalema, the uplifting global hit song from South Africa by Master KG that has got the world dancing through lockdown has inspired SA Friends of Israel (SAFI) to host a virtual “prayer for Jerusalem” event at 12.30pm on Friday.

“We would like to celebrate the global success of this remarkable song and the spiritual message it brings,” says SAFI media spokesperson Terri Levin in an email to Gateway News.

“There will be several Christian leaders and pastors at the event who will be leading us in prayer and sharing psalms as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

“We are also hoping for a guest appearance by Master KG himself, along with other entertainment.

“It is our hope and prayer that South Africa will stand united with Israel and continue to strengthen ties with the Holy Land, for we know that those who bless Israel will be blessed (Gen 12:3),” she says.

Both Master KG and singer Nomcebo have acknowledged God’s hand in the remarkable global success of the song, whose Xhosa lyrics declare “Jerusalem is my home” and “My place is not here, My kingdom is not here, Guide me”.

The original version of the song featuring Nomcebo has had more than 64 million views on Youtube and a remix with Nomcebo and Burna Boy has been viewed more than 3.5 million times.

It has been suggested in Christian circles that Jerusalema is prophetic of  South Africa turning to Israel and of SA becoming a nation that sends the Gospel and spreads revival to the world.

You can register for Friday’s virtual prayer event, which will be on Zoom and Facebook live, by clicking on the following link:


  1. Been to Israel…spent 6 days in Jerusalem. SUPERB.

  2. Hugh G Wetmore

    With respect, Why do people misunderstand this song as if it urges us to pray for the earthly Jerusalem? The lyrics are so clear: “My place is NOT HERE, My Kingdom is NOT HERE. Guide me.” The song refers to the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21,22) where the focus is on “Jesus, who gives the free gift of the water of life to anyone who comes to Him” (21:16,17). This song his being misapplied to the earthly Jerusalem, under the false impression that by political support of the State of Israel our Nation will prosper, no matter how unrighteous it is. Sadly, a fascination with the earthly Jerusalem is becoming a distraction from the Gospel of Jesus, which “guides” us to the New Jerusalem..

  3. Cheryl Saunders

    Don’t become confused Hugh. The earthly Jerusalem is very much a part of what is going to take place at the end of the Age. There is a heavenly Jerusalem, but God is very much in charge of the earthly Jerusalem.

  4. Hugh G Wetmore

    Thanks for your post, Cheryl. I too want to avoid confusion, so I took the lyrics at face value. They say that the Jerusalem they sing about is “NOT HERE”, i.e. NOT the earthly Jerusalem. Revelation 21 says that “when the first earth has passed away” (where the earthly Jerusalem is situated) the “the new Jerusalem will come down out of heaven from God” (v2,3). Was I not clearing the confusion caused by the article, which says the song inspires prayers that “South Africa will strengthen ties with the Holy Land”? This speaks of the earthly Jerusalem … it could not apply to the New Jerusalem of which they sing. If I am still confused, please enlighten me.