Global Leadership Summit 2011 profiles: 1/12

[notice]It is 12 weeks to the launch of the 2011 Global Leadership Summit (GLS) in South Africa. Each Friday until then Gateway News will profile one of the 12 expert speakers who will challenge and inspire summit delegates around the world with the end goal of empowering local churches to transform communities. The first GLS events in South Africa will be in Port Elizabeth and Pretoria on October 7 and 8.[/notice]

Mama Maggie Gobran

Mama Maggie Gobran
Founder and CEO, Stephens Children Ministry. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

Mama Maggie Gobran led a comfortable life in Cairo. A Coptic Christian from a prominent Egyptian family, she taught computer science and lectured at Cairo University. But following a conviction from God, she started a ministry to serve the poor in her city. A Nobel Peace Prize nominee this year, Mama Maggie has spent 20 years serving the poorest of the poor.

View a video about Stephens Children Ministry:

The GLS was started by Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Church, Illinois, USA in 1995 as an annual training event for church, ministry and other leaders to sharpen their skills. The Summit telecasts LIVE from the campus of Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago reaching more than 185 premier host sites across the United States. In the months following, the Summit moves into more than 200 cities in 70+ countries across the globe, via videocast.

Global Leadership Summit Dates in South Africa
7-8 October Pretoria
7-8 October Port Elizabeth
14-15 October Durban
14-15 October Vanderbijlpark
21-22 October Cape Town
28-29 October Durban
28-29 October East London
28-29 October Jefrrey’s Bay
4-5 November Johannesburg
4-5 November Windhoek
11-12 November Walvis Bay
18-19 November Oshakati
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  1. I just want to make a point of correction. Your article/profile makes it sound as if this will be the first GLS in PE, whereas it has been running here for many years already. In fact, my dad and I have been attending it every year for five years and it started a year or two before that already. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE, so attend if you can!!

    • Hi Maritsa. Thanks for the correction. It was not my intention to imply it was the first in PE. The point I was intending to make is that the first GLS events in SA will be in PE and Pretoria this year (See programme at bottom). Last year I attended with my daughter and loved it. I think it was her 4th!

  2. I would like to enroll for the Global Leadership Summit in Pretoria. Thank you, Hendrik