Global Leadership Summit 2014 — Weekly Update: July 11


The Willow Creek Association  2014 Global Leadership Summit will run in South Africa at 11 venues from October 10.

The consistently inspiring two-day leadership training event which is held in 105 countries celebrates its 20th anniversary this year — and its 10th anniversary in South Africa!


Best-selling Author; Viral TED Speaker on The Power of Introverts

  • A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School—and a self-described introvert—Cain’s early career was spent on Wall Street as a corporate attorney and negotiations consultant
  • Her extensive research into the leadership strengths of introverts became the basis for the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking
  • Sparking a conversation about management stereotypes, the book has been translated into 30 languages and became a TIME cover story
  • Her TED talk, The Power of Introverts, ranks among the most watched on with more than five million views

In future weekly GLS 2014 Updates we will introduce each of the speakers individually and keep you updated about the latest GLS news and announcements. 

Watch video: Susan Cain introduction

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