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lindy-ann-global-awakening[notice]A new monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.[/notice]

2017 started with a dream.

I dreamt that I was chasing a leopard in a forest with a friend of mine in a 4×4. This same friend had just told me earlier that day that he will be going away for a few days to seek God in the forest. The next scene I was swimming outside in the street in very shallow water. So shallow that I was sailing across the ground. People that knew me saw me and asked in shock “Lindy-Ann how do you get it right to swim in such shallow water?!”

When I woke up I immediately looked up the spiritual meaning of a leopard — an animal of privacy. And the Father spoke to me clearly: “Lindy-Ann when last did you spend time with me in private?”

This experience shook me to the core. How I wept. I love God and I know the importance of spending time with Him in the secret place and I want to! But I allowed my time to be swallowed by other things. I lost sight of prioritising my first love. He was calling me back to the Garden of Eden.

So first thing when I wake up is Him — I refuse to look at my phone — I owe no one a reply.

Just me and Him.

A few days later He gave me Isaiah 51:3 I will cause your desert to flourish like the Garden of Eden

This is for you — 2017 is the year of the leopard, the year He will cause your desert to flourish like the Garden of Eden! Come away.


Lindy-Ann India Dubai posterTuni, India
Upon arrival I was welcomed by Pastor Raj wearing a big bling pimped pair of sunglasses and his team handing me bunches of roses. Pastor Raj is still the same after 8 years of not seeing each other — same cool sunglasses, friendliness and overflow of flowers.

First stop Ps Raj’s office — there I prayed for his staff — some of them Hindus. God healed his Hindu financial guy of back pain and another lady of her pain.

Shopping for snacks and drive to Tuni. That was Day 1.

Day 2
Waking up to a misty winter morning in India; on the rooftop watching wild piglets run in the dirty swamp; a bright turquoise blue bird sitting on an electrical line and half-finished houses everywhere to avoid paying tax; whilst intricate worship is heard coming from the surrounding Hindu temples. It’s not safe to go running on my own, so this roof is my Eden. Perfect.

Lindy-Ann India roof
The view from the roof in Tuni, India where Lindy-Ann was dancing and proclaiming that Jesus is King. Click here to view the enlarged image.

There I dance and proclaim that Jesus is King!

Finding privacy with Him — tears start to stream down my face as His compassion for India starts swelling in my heart.

I am excited about what God is going to do during my time in Tuni.

God said to me Isaiah 54, you will call your maker your husband was what I had to speak about — calling leaders back to their first love.

Lindy-Ann India preaching
Lindy-Ann with her translator, preaching at the Revive and Reform Leadership conference in Tuni, India.

Revive and Reform Leadership conference
I got to share and minister to Bishops and pastors, some with up to 10 churches under them. I was honoured with garlands of flowers placed around my neck — quite spectacular and different to the South African ways.

I made the altar call for those who have moved away from their first love …

Many big leaders came running to the front. Ps Raj told me afterwards that he has never seen some of the leaders responding to any kind of altar call. God was moving.

That same conference there was a pastor who asked for prayer. He had a heart problem and had suffered with diabetes for 8 years. After prayer and having lunch with us without taking medication — he went to the doctor for tests.

Watch below what the Lord did:

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/137375426675318/videos/257692164643643/?__mref=message_bubble” width=”400″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

That night we did an all-night prayer. I spoke on spiritual warfare.

Day 3
I went with Ps Raj to two weddings! We were honoured guests — there to bless the newlyweds. Garland upon garland of flowers were hung around my neck and given in hand.

Lindy-Ann India wedding
Lindy-Ann praying for the newlywed couple in Tuni, India.

The next few days I was preaching at both small and big churches and got to visit the Joy school. There has never been a more glorious welcome anywhere else in the world. “Welcome to Joy School!” the little Indian children repeated over and over whilst throwing flowers at me … oh how Jesus lavished me with His love. I was like a bride coming down the aisle … Join me in a flower tunnel.

All the children gave their lives to Jesus — some Hindu, many got healed and baptised in the Holy Spirit.

Lindy-Ann India Joy school kids
Lindy-Ann praying for the children at Joy School in Tuni, India.

Riding on the back of a scooter “side-saddle” through the buzzing streets of India and telling random people, all staring at the white lady, that “Jesus is King!”

Every now and then some more flowers fall out if my hair. Like little kisses from God.

From there it was back to Visakhapatnam to fly to the capital of India — New Delhi.

The first three days was sightseeing. Henna hand art was in order of course to match my new Indian outfits.

Lindy-Ann Taj small
Lindy-Ann with the Taj Mahal in the background in New Delhi, India.

The Taj Mahal
What blows me away is that out of all the most beautiful temples and things in nature — God chose us to call “home”. His temple of choice.

As we were walking through I was singing “Holy Spirit You are welcome here. Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere…” as I stepped out of the temple we stopped to take a photo. Take a close look.

Lindy-Ann Taj dove
Lindy-Ann at one of the entrances to the Taj Mahal. Flying above her head is a dove.

At the Taj Mahal the tour guide took us to a shop where one can buy souvenirs. The shop owner told me that the elephant on the side of the candleholder is good luck.

“I have Jesus for good luck”

He raised his voice telling me that Allah is God. I asked him if he had any encounter with Allah and started to share some experiences I have had. I told him the testimony of the pastor in Tuni who used to be a Hindu. In the Hindu temple he asked who God was. A man in white walked into the temple and said to him: “I am the way, the truth and the life — follow me”. It was Jesus. “And you have a pain right here don’t you?” — I asked pointing to his right top back.


Lindy-Ann Taj man small
Lindy-Ann prayed for this owner of one of the Taj Mahal souvenir stores and God healed the pain in his back.

Right there in the store God grew out his leg in front of all his staff. “That is the love of Jesus the Messiah”

New Delhi, India
Thursday was a youth meeting in a hotel. They told me about 150 youth. There was about 500! And the Holy Spirit came with power! Young people ran to the front weeping and shaking to accept Jesus as Lord. Healing, deliverance and Holy Spirit fire was everywhere. There were not enough people to catch those being slain by the power of God. I would speak out things I saw God doing like “addiction is being broken off” and young people would start shaking as the spirit of addiction was leaving — Without anyone even touching them. It was incredible. These things are still happening today! Glory to God!

Lindy-Ann India prophetic posterThe next day I did a whole day of training with Live Jam ministry’s DNA school.

The best was when we went out onto the streets to see if the gospel works. And oh did it! We started to sing — crowds gathered and we started to preach. All the students were going and praying for the sick and leading people to Jesus — right there in the streets of India!

Lindy-Ann India Central Park Dehli
Lindy-Ann and her translator sharing the Gospel at the Delhi Central Park amphitheatre.

We went to Delhi Central Park. We got onto the amphitheatre stage. “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of India!” I activated the students to share words of knowledge, sharing their testimony etc. We saw so many healings and salvations — we lost count!!!

Watch one of the many testimonies below:

Pune, India
From there I flew to another LiveJam base in Pune. We did more training, meetings and church.

Here is a testimony of a lady in a church I preached at. I prayed a general prayer of healing over the whole crowd. The translator brought her mother-in-law up to me after the meeting had already ended to share the following testimony.

How I loved India!

Next stop: Dubai
Upon arrival I was taken to my host’s home and from there by Maserati to the Majestic Hotel — woohoo!

Ten years ago this was not possible at all, but after the recession — hotels allowed churches into their buildings. Awesome. Romans 8:28 – works all things together for good to those who love God!

That night I spoke about how big our God is — how weather has often changed when I go to different regions. The next day it started to rain in Dubai. My host told me that the moment I landed the weather report came through of a drastic change in weather — rain and snow. People ask if I travel alone. I travel with the King.

Lindy-Ann Dubai Philipino Church
Lindy-Ann preaching at one of the Filipino churches in Dubai.

At first I found it quite hard, but by Friday — their church day — heaven broke out! I spoke at two Filipino churches — one in Dubai and one in Sharjah! It exploded in a good way!

Jesus is the desire of the nations. Believe it and see it!

Oh so many more stories — God He is too big to contain or pin down. Just like Jesus said in the Bible — not all the books in the world would have been able to contain all that Jesus did then. And the same applies today.

Here is one more little message for you…

Christ in you the hope of Glory.

Ask God to possess you with His Spirit right now…

Matthew 7:11. Ask.

Lots of fire and lots of love from Austria
Beautiful Witness

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