God has given SA surprising new name, say intercessors

PHOTO: Denis Farrell/AP/Global Citizen

In South African struggle history the name “Azania” became associated with several political movements — and to this day certain politicians have been calling for South Africa’s name to be changed to Azania.

In a surprising prophetic twist, an intercessor in Uganda, Canon Christine Shimanya, recently told intercessors in South Africa that in a dream the Holy Spirit told her that South Africans should stop using the name “South Africa” for their country — especially in intercession — because of that name’s association with apartheid oppression.

Shimanya, who is an Anglican Church leader and chaplain to the Parliament of Uganda, said that instead they should use the name “Azania”.

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South African intercessor Apostle Linda Gobodo said that after Shimanya called her on October 3 to tell her about her dream, she was concerned about the political connotation of her message. She said the Holy Sprit immediately told her to look up the meaning of Azania.

“I went to Google and was surprised to see the Hebrew meaning of the name is ‘God has heard’.

“I understood why the Lord told me to get the meaning of the name because it was associated with politics and in my mind I would have been concerned and wondered why the Lord would give us a political name.

“We all prayed about it and received that the word was from the Lord,” she said.

In a message she later sent to intercessors, she said that on October 6 “at the altar at the centre of the nation the Lord used Chief Justice [Mogoeng Mogoeng] to transition the nation from the old to the new” by releasing the new name for the nation.

The centre of South Africa is believed to be a hill on a farm 36.2km west of Kimberley on the Schmidtsdrift Road

At a prayer meeting at the AFM Church in Phomolong Township, Kimberley on October 7, Mogoeng shared that he was shocked when he first heard the Azania prophetic word — especially as in his radical past he was a leader in the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania.

But he said he now believes that the Lord has spoken. He urged the congregation to ask God for themselves and decide whether they too would refer to the nation as Azania when they pray (See video clip below).

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  1. LORD have mercy on this country – and guide in what it should be called.

  2. I remember a prophecy when I was young that our most difficult times in South-Africa will be at hand when the name of our country changes..South-Africa was named South-Africa even before apartheid.The name has nothing to do with apartheid.Changing the name of the country will cost governemnt millions.That money can rather be used to help the poor.This name change also happened in Zimbabwe and it did not go too well there.