God in the ICU — One man’s search for intimacy and meaning: Book Review

godinicuBook Review by Val Viljoen


This book is well written, interesting and inspiring and I enjoyed it immensely.

Dave Walker practised as an anaesthetist for 22 years in South Africa and for a further. six years in the Middle East. His particular interest and expertise was follow up care of patients in intensive care.

Although Dave had not had any time in his life when he questioned God’s existence, his relationship with God was sorely tested after the death, as a young man, of his brother. Further family deaths within a short space of time compounded his grief and confusion.

Dave’s career advanced in a way that brought a certain amount of satisfaction yet something was missing. A point came where he realised that he wanted to do more than just assist his patients medically with physical healing, and he longed to know God in a more meaningful way so that he could be instrumental in real change in their lives.

Breakthrough came when he realised how dependent on God he was in his mission of helping others. He started to pray with his patients and their families, and there are several beautiful stories in the book of how prayers were answered and lives changed. Sometimes there was seemingly miraculous healing; at other times God made his presence felt in other ways.

Dave writes in such a way that complex medical procedures and conditions are understandable. Much can be learned about prayer and healing from this book — particularly that all Christians should take seriously praying for the sick; also that compassion plays a huge role in effective prayer.

I can highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to broaden their understanding of how God heals in the present age.

The book is available from various outlets listed on this page.

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