God prescribes 100 Days of Healing for South Africa

Apostles Linda Gobodo, left, of the Vuka Africa Foundation and Natasha Grbich of The House of Ariel Gate, at the launch of the 100 Days of Healing.

South Africans were too broken to rebuild the nation, God showed Apostle Linda Gobodo, as she pondered why people throughout the nation seemed despondent and unresponsive to business opportunities presented to them by her Vuka Africa Foundation.

The Lord then gave her an instruction to develop a booklet with 100 scriptures of health, 100 scriptures of healing, 100 scriptures of hope, and 100 scriptures of restoration — to be administered daily for 100 days to effect mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

And so, on June 16 June 2017, a new meaning was given to the day, when Vuka Africa Foundation together with the South African Council of Churches (SACC), The House of Ariel Gate, Karoo Mighty Men, South African Prayer Movement for Change (SAPMC), Intercessors for South Africa (IFSA) and many more ministries, came together in Randburg, Johannesburg, to launch the 100 Days of Healing.

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After 40 years of mourning for the youth who died in Soweto and the devastation that befell many families, the Church came together, united in one voice, to declare a new season of hope for the youth of South Africa, and healing for the nation.

Addressing the launch meeting, Gobodo, said the Lord had revealed the state of brokenness of the nation as the reason behind many of the challenges our country is facing.

This brokenness, according to Gobodo, comes from the pain of being oppressed and effects of the liberation that was not complete.

Jehova Rapha
Referring to scripture, she reminded the congregation that when God brought the slaves out of captivity in Egypt, they did not come out empty-handed, and immediately after they left, God revealed himself for the first time as Jehova Rapha, the healer. This was because God, in His wisdom, knew that people who had been oppressed had suffered brokenness and before they could enter their promised land needed to heal.

She said healing had never been addressed fully in South Africa. It was not needed just by those who were oppressed, but also by the former oppressors, who were also wounded in this process.

Gobodo reiterated that it was time for South Africa to fulfil her destiny and to bring revival to the nations, but South Africans must first be healed, because broken people cannot build but instead they break and destroy everything that is committed to their hands.

Other speakers included Apostle Natasha Grbich of The House of Ariel Gate and Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana, the General Secretary of the SACC.

Ministry representatives praying at the 100 Days of Healing launch.

Grbich called on South Africans to choose to unite, choose to love one another and work together to build the nation. She said that South Africa’s situation was not unique and that in every nation the enemy has always found ways of causing divisions. Over history such divisions have manifested in genocides, mass killings of one group of people by another.

The church needed to rise above hatred and choose to love. She encouraged the church to desire to reflect the glory of God and His love because anything less was sin before the Lord.

Mpulwana affirmed the SACC’s support of the campaign and had adopted 100 Days of Healing as a resolution at their recent conference. He emphasised the need for the church to do the word of prayer for this healing to manifest.

He described the miracle on 1994 as a moment of hope that we received as a nation and that we needed to begin a journey of healing from there.

Mpulwana encouraged the congregation to continue in prayer for the healing of the nation even after the end of the campaign. He proposed that these prayers should continue up to December 16 when a national prayer rally will be convened on the Day of Reconciliation.

Need for healing focus
Also highlighted at the launch was how recent events in South Africa confirmed the need for a focus on healing in the nation. There were violent youth demonstrations at universities calling for fees to fall which brought back memories of the Soweto uprising. The level of destruction of property, violence and anger that was seen over the fees-must-fall demonstrations were an indicator of the level of brokenness in our nation.

Other events, such as the brutal killings of women and children, corruption in government and recurring protest were also seen as a cry of a nation. In this state, people cannot build, they destroy. Families instead of being a place where children are protected and nurtured become places of danger, and leaders are overwhelmed and helpless in addressing these challenges.

It was noted that during the years of apartheid, the church provided hope to the people and confronted the injustice of the time. The new democratic South Africa also acknowledged that the Church needed to play a role in reconciling the nation and gave the leadership of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to the church.

With hindsight, it was clear that while the need for healing and reconciliation was correctly identified, it was not adequately addressed. Perhaps instead of just a short-term project, the TRC should have been an ongoing process of rebuilding the nation, because healing is not an event, but a process.

What has emphasised by the speakers and in the prayers that took place at the campaign launch, was that healing will come when the nation repents and turns back to God.

Now as the campaign nears the end of its fifth week, many testimonies are coming in from people who are taking the word treatment prescribed by the Lord, said Gobodo in an interview.

“The very first lady who started with the word treatment had suffered with health issues for a while. It got bad to the extent that she would spend weeks on end away from work due to anxiety attacks. To date, she has not been hospitalised again and is totally healed.

“We have had people being healed from pinched nerves, a man arising to walk as the word was delivered. People also being healed from depression.

“Another one that stand out is the testimony of Lesotho. They started their 40 days word treatments just before their elections. They coincidentally ended their 40 days on the very day that they would go and vote: 3rd June 2017. From what they say, they say they are happy with the results of this election and there has been peace in this nation this time during an election period. Praise be to God for this.”

Gobodo urges all South Africans — whether as individuals, families, friends, ministries, prayer groups, or colleagues, to participate in the 100 Days of Healing by daily reading, meditating and praying the word.

Three pills a day
Similar to how medication is administered in a people, the Lord has prescribed that the 100 Days of Healing scriptures be administered as follows: Three pills a day: one tablet of hope. one tablet of healing and one tablet of restoration.

“Take this treatment every day for 100 days without breaking the cycle and ensure that you finish the course. In the event that you have missed a day, you will be required to restart the course. YOU HAVE TO CONTINUOUSLY take this treatment,” said Gobodo.

“Read the word aloud, pray and meditate on it. The word of God shall heal and deliver you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

“As the nation goes through this treatment, the river of life will flow bringing hope, healing and restoration and it shall be, that every living thing that moves, where the rivers goes, will live,” she said.

The final day of the 100 Day of Healing is September 24, which is Heritage Day.

“On this day, we will be establishing a new heritage of healing and a newfound hope,” said Gobodo.

If a person joins on day 40, they should continue for 60 more days after the end, she said.

She said the 100 Days of Healing Campaign is also destined for other nations in Africa as there is much brokenness on the continent.

For more information, or to receive the booklet with scriptures, please email info@vukaafricafoundation.co.za or call 060 421 4657 or visit Facebook Page: Vuka Africa Foundation

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  1. Hugh G Wetmore

    “healing will come when the nation repents and turns back to God.” The call to repent and turn back to God is a necessary and valid one, in line with the message of all the genuine prophets. Just a practical question: How will we know that “the nation” has done so? Will every citizen become a Christian? 80%? 60%? 40%? 20%? Please explain what ‘the nation’ means, and how we will know ‘the nation’ has done so? National healing is high on my prayer agenda.

  2. I love the SA healing I’m prayer worrier.

  3. I love to join the ministries I’m a prayer worrier so I would love to join the forces and know more about this ministries of healing the SA.

  4. Sino Nocwaka Klaas

    Hallelujah! We really thank God to be members of House of prayer as they supported us during the loss of our daughter last year.We read the booklet, prayed and meditated. I personally had encounters with God. May God bless Vuka Afrika, Houses of Prayer and more especially Apostle Gobodo for obedience.

  5. AS Angus Buchan once said “There is pain and grief and crime and corruption everywhere ‘BUT GOD’ IS THE ANSWER.”

  6. Sounds like a brilliant way to heal the nation and to learn how to follow Jesus

  7. AMEN and AMEN As He is so am I in this world

  8. Thank God for healing prayer. Our nation needs this!

  9. As we pray in one accord and in unity, it is God himself that will give the strength, grace, wisdom, and boldness to do His Will. Amen !

  10. i would like to participate in the 100 day of healing prayers for SA.
    Thank you.
    God bless