Governmental Prayer Watch campaign going strong

Prayer headings for the 7th week of the Governmental Prayer Watch which starts on Monday.

When the well-supported South African 21-day election fast campaign ended on May 8 people continued to ask “what now?” says Janet Brann-Hollis of SA Back to God, which promoted the campaign.

The elections were over, should they continue to pray? On researching what the Word says about praying for your government, Brann-Hollis says she was clearly directed to establish the “Governmental Prayer Watch”.

She saw that one 21-day fast would not usher in a government of the Kingdom but a powerful prayer force that would not give up on its mandate and mission.

She said the Governmental Prayer Watch is an intercessory ministry for those who feel called to pray and have an influence in helping to usher in a Kingdom government for SA. It is not a short term vision, but a vision which will continue until we witness the desired change in our nation and in our government”, she says.

Bran-Hollis writes: “The need to hear God as to what His prophetic intention and plan for the nation is, is what we focus on in our weekly prayer. Specific prophets submit their words as to what God’s prayer instruction for that week is. Here the government and countries needs are covered. In our few short weeks of prayer, we have noted significant breakthroughs in the Justice Ministry, one of the three arms of the state. We thank God for this….”

“Folk from all over the world are joining on a regular basis, we have South Africans in Cambodia, England, Zimbabwe, USA, Australia and others who are standing with us in prayer. In association with Dr Arthur Frost’s prayer group and SA Back to God, the nation is covered. We have between 1 300 and 1 500 praying weekly. Our desire is to grow this ministry with livestreamed prayer meetings on Facebook and other forms of media.

“Today God is building His Church globally and we realise the need to access all forms of media, so as to encompass the wider body of Christ. Those who have a mandate and a passion to intercede specifically for government are the ones who we welcome to be a part of this very much needed ministry. Should you wish to join, please add your name to the WhatsApp group numbers as follows: 0640792002/0826592224

“Weekly audio clips are sent to every prayer minister, with the topic and Scriptures that need to be prayed for that week. Week 7 commences on Monday July 1, regular updates, words, videos are posted on the SAbacktoGod Facebook page!

“We look forward to building an army of intercessors that will pull down the Kingdom of God impacting and effecting change in the nation and every form of governance.”

View the Week 6 Governmental Prayer Watch video:

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