‘Hand of God’ image found in space by NASA telescope

(Photo : NASA).
(Photo : NASA).

Originally published in The Gospel Herald

NASA’s newest telescopic image resembles a giant hand in space that is now being titled as the “Hand of God,” which is bringing countless of interpretations and possible definitions from scientists and spectators.

The image was captured by NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (also known as NuSTAR), which was created in June 2012 to observe any dead and exploded stars found in outer space. The photograph captured displays the image of an exploded star in a supernova from 17,000 light-years away, which is shaped like an open hand.

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In a press release, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory explained the scientific terminology that ultimately led to a giant hand being drawn in the midst of an explosion. “The pulsar is spinning around nearly seven times every second, spewing particles into material that was upheaved during the star’s violent death,” read the press release. “These particles are interacting with magnetic fields around the ejected material, causing it to glow with X-rays. The result is a cloud that, in previous images, looked like an open hand.”

Upon looking at the image, there is a resemblance of an open palm and fingers that are reaching out towards the red cloud that is marked as the explosion. Scientists and investigators at NuSTAR are studying the image precisely to determine the exact shape of the nebula, or space dust as result of the explosion.

The “Hand of God” image has brought the topic of religion into the world of science, which many scientists tend to avoid to explain a more scientific approach to the evidence of life and the universe. Despite the astronomical perspective of studying the explosion of supernova star, the “Hand of God” title acknowledges that science may be more open with the notion of a Creator and the universe created.

Former CalTech professor and scientist Arthur Robinson agrees with the title that clearly distinguishes the evidence of a Creator and the creation. “Scientists during most of history have recognized that the vast natural beauty they are privileged to see and study could only have been the product of an awesome Creator,” said Robinson.

This is not the first time activity in the Milky Way has brought forth remarkably familiar images. In the past, NASA has captured images that have resembled mountains, butterflies, swirls and even a sombrero. However, the “Hand of God” may bring the most responses from scientists, who according to Robinson, “still recognize the hand of God in the natural world.”

The image is still being debated whether the hand is merely an optical illusion or a direct result from the explosion. Despite the proposed explanations, the image is still being recognized as the “Hand of God” universally and since its release has brought the topic of God into science, even if its momentarily.


  1. This just proves that our God reveals Himself to us so clearly! Even if the science world only discusses God for a short while – the seed is planted in so many minds and God will let the seed grow on His time!

  2. Loved it, whatever the explanation…another one for Louis Giglio and Indescribable!!!

  3. Samuel D. Bartoli

    As a firm believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I would say; “Another mysterious way God chooses to reveal Himself to mankind.” Now, if I were a skeptic still alone the mystery or enigmatic structure would give cause to question for any non believer to ask, “Perhaps there is something far, far beyond my comprehension to reason with, and thus this must be God.” The Atheist would have to reevaluate his or her situation and understand that there must certainly is a judgment that is coming.

    I believe this huge image is a way that God chooses to show us just how vast our space truly is. Then again, could it because the gamma or radiation process in space caused the invisible to become visible if even for this one such case? Then again, if this did happen for out of a photosynthesis like process or inter-climatic causation it still does not denote the lack of power of God. For God is Immortal, Invisible and Eternal.
    Perhaps at that split second the Creator choose to reveal Himself through this chance occurrence.