“Happy Birthday to me!” — piperjames

Piperjames (James McGowan) turned 50 today as he celebrated another landmark on his 1 500 km solo, Mighty Men trek from Cape Town to Mooi River in KwaZulu-Natal.

“I am on the border of Lesotho, staying here for the weekend,” he says in a message to Gateway News readers.

“Today I am 50 years young,” he says in his message in which he thanks all who have supported him on his long walk to the Mighty Men Conference – KZN which runs from October 21 to 23. Along the way he has promoted Mighty Men Conferences, collecting pledges of commitment in the form of signatures on a wooden cross.

According to piperjames’ wife, Ina, piperjames had prayed that he would be able to make a difference to just one person’s life through his long walk.

“So it is an extra bonus and a wonderful birThtday gift that hundreds have made a pledge to turn around for Jesus,” she says.

Piperjames concludes his birthday message with the following words: “The trip thus far has been nothing short of amazing and has strengthened me as a Christian too, with all kinds of testimonies  and experiences. Far too many to type about herein but will be conveyed once back at home with my best mate Ina.

“I wish everyone well and send warmest regards from the Mountain Kingdom. I will now pipe Happy Birthday to myself, lol!”


  1. Happy birthday Pipey!!!
    Because of not having International roaming I cannot blow you a kiss or even sing to you but I have a bigger and the best platform right here on Gateway to tell the world how much I love you and how much I admire you for doing this for Jesus!
    Your wife, Ina

  2. What a wonderful way to start your second century! Happy Birthday piperjames and well done on your effort to further the cause of Mighty Men and the Kingdom of God.