Hate Speech Bill — urgent message to SA

Have you submitted a comment on the Hate Speech Bill? With just five days left (at the time of posting this article) to make your comment, executive director of Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) Michael Swain says it is time to “shape up and push back” against the bill which poses a dire threat to freedom of speech and freedom of religion in SA.

You can view Swain’s urgent appeal below. You can use either of the following links to quickly submit your comment: https://dearsouthafrica.co.za/hate-crimes-and-hate-speech-ncop/ and https://www.forsa.org.za/

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  1. I as a Christian I’m against this bill because many people don’t like to here words of wisdom . people will use this bill against other people

  2. I am against the bill as a christian

  3. David maseko

    I’m an Christian I’m against this bill because many will used it to atack Christianity

  4. As Christian believer, as an evangelist, i understand where this is going to, even though i am against it with many reasons. I and my fellow brothers in Christ we will stand for the truth no matter how much hurt to the world.

  5. I am against the hate speech to be passed as a bill by the government. Pastors must be free when preaching as long as what they preach is in the Bible.

  6. Dirkserene Philander

    I am against this bill because not all people do understand what the bill means and so it will take away freedom of speech .I as a Christian believer have the right to tell people according to Gods word what is right and because of this hate speech some unbelievers will take it as an offence

  7. Keshnie.reddy@gmail.com

    As a christian. I’m against this bill. We need to voice our opinion against the enemy and his work.

  8. Hate speech is not defined – discretion leads to ” Kill the Boer” legalised by Courts. Too much discretion by Courts leads to total abuse and uncertainty. TOO MUCH DISCRETIONARY POWERS TO COURTS