Hawk Nelson — Made: Review

madeMusic Review by Ellenor Lotter


This week we are going to jump right in with my take on the brand new release from Hawk Nelson, “MADE”.  I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!  This album is pure joy and excitement from the first sound that hits your ears!  This has been a very surprising discovery for me as I have not heard of them before the CD landed in my hand, definitely my bad…

Don’t think I have mentioned this to you before, but it is very important to me to actually listen to what I am listening to, get the picture?  May I challenge you to take out your favorite CD and open the booklet neatly stowed away in the cover.  Now read the words while the music is playing and see how so much more of the song comes to life. 

This has truly been my experience with this album.  Every song on this album spoke to my heart.  WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR reminded me of some questions I carried around in my heart until Jesus answered them in His great love.  A MILLION MILES AWAY is a fantastic reminder of the joy of our freedom in Christ!  WORDS definitely is my favorite on this album as this truly underlines one of the core values I live by and also features vocals by Bart Millard  from MercyMe.  ELEVATOR is all funky and lots of fun. One more I have to mention is OUTSIDE THE LINES…

With every one of the 12 songs on the album written or co-written by Jonathan Steingard, I have to quote the new lead vocalist of this group:  “We’re still that high energy band that a church or youth group would book if they want to have a fun youth night,” says Steingard. We want to take what we’ve been and not leave it behind, but grow it a little bit and hopefully be a lot more intentional about what we’re saying.”

This group has been going strong for at least a decade and I would keep my eyes on them in future…

May the joy of Christ and His love for us, fill your days as things slow down for a few beats.  

Let the worshipper in you arise!

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