Author: Ellenor Lotter

Stefany Gretzinger — The Undoing: Review

Music Review by Ellenor Lotter This year has kicked off with a very fast paced rush and I could just give a sigh of relief when I was handed this album.  THE UNDOING has been a long awaited first album from singer, songwriter and worshipper Stefany Gretzinger.  Getting married, moving […]

WOW 2015 — Deluxe Edition: Review

One of my vivid memories of being a little girl is connected to the joy in receiving a lucky packet. Can you remember how the game would start with shaking it up to try and ‘hear’ what’s inside? This was then followed by a thorough fingertip investigation of the contents. […]

Desperation Band — Banner: Review

Music Review by Ellenor Lotter I love it when a group of musicians are so confident in their own ability and comfortable in their own skin, that they are not afraid to share a stage with other musicians for a common purpose, to worship the One and Only God of […]

Lincoln Brewster — Oxygen: Review

Music Review by Ellenor Lotter Maybe this week’s review should be entitled “Confessions of a Worshipper.”  How is it that I didn’t know about Lincoln Brewster?  There is two things I like about this guy, no make it three!  1.  He is 6 months older than me, underlining the fact […]

City Harbor: Music review

Music Review by Ellenor Lotter CITY HARBOR: CITY HARBOR It is a fantastic thing to witness the handy work of God Almighty in us humans don’t you think?  By His grace we all start out the same way, then step by step the journey progresses.  First comes the gurgles and […]