Stefany Gretzinger — The Undoing: Review

theundoingMusic Review by Ellenor Lotter

This year has kicked off with a very fast paced rush and I could just give a sigh of relief when I was handed this album.  THE UNDOING has been a long awaited first album from singer, songwriter and worshipper Stefany Gretzinger.  Getting married, moving to Canada and adjusting to a whole lot of ‘new things’ drew her aside to the one constant and familiar place she would always have, no matter where in the world she would find herself, the place of intimacy with and worship to God. 

I can very clearly remember sitting in the main auditorium at Bethel in Redding California in June 2013 while attending the Bethel School of Worship when one of the sessions was led by Stefany as speaker.  The session was entitled “The Undoing” and this profoundly impacted me.  This girl is the real deal.  She knows what it means to sing to the God of the Universe, not only sing songs about Him. On this album you will hear the unmistakable sounds of JP Gentile on acoustic guitar just as he would paint pictures with sound alongside Stefany on stage and of course Amanda Cook on piano.  The album was released by Bethel Music and marketed in South Africa by Maranatha Records.

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Stefany in her own words:  “Life is all about process.  The Promised Land is in the middle of the process, it’s not at the end…  Learning to worship through everyday stuff…  Learning your soul to sing when you don’t feel something…  To prophesy over yourself until you believe it….”

This album consists of 11 original songs of which Stefany wrote a few on her own but also drew from the strength of those around her like Amanda Cook and Gabriel Wilson to name just two.

I would highly recommend this album as a quiet companion in your time with God, as it truly draws you into the place of worship in a very gentle way.  Check out the album promo at

Stefany and her husband Stephen recently relocated to Redding, California and so the process continues just as life does. 

Let the worshipper in you arise!



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