WOW 2015 — Deluxe Edition: Review


One of my vivid memories of being a little girl is connected to the joy in receiving a lucky packet. Can you remember how the game would start with shaking it up to try and ‘hear’ what’s inside? This was then followed by a thorough fingertip investigation of the contents. The great adventure would continue while opening it and discovering each item and how they would lead your young imagination into whatever surprises this lucky packet would hold. I suppose by this time in the conversation I could be considered a dinosaur!

This week our spotlight will fall on a modern day ‘lucky packet’! WOW HITS 2015. The moment the first one of the two-CD compilation album started playing I dropped everything and listened! This album kicks off with Newsboys, WE BELIEVE, a great start to a fantastic compilation of 17 songs and this is only on the first of the two CDs! What I love about this album is hearing names that I have come to know and love but also hearing new ones. What can I say about Matthew West with the radio version of DO SOMETHING? I have to be honest, this song alone has played at least 30 times in the past week and has been an absolute fan to the flame in my heart! I love it when the message of a song grabs my heart and impacts me in such a way.

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You can always trust Casting Crowns to come up with an unforgettable melody line as they have done in their latest offering THRIVE, and one cannot help but sing along. You will also hear Chris Tomlin with WATERFALL which we reviewed last week off his album LOVE RAN RED. One of my all-time favorites is Stephen Curtis Chapman. That man draws pictures with his songs and GLORIOUS UNFOLDING (Radio Edit) is no exception.

I realise there has been so much poured into every song by the time they reach an album like this one and I make it my mission to find the gold. More than 155 000 copies of this album have been sold worldwide and I can clearly see why!

Just when you think this cannot get any better, you still have another 16-track CD to discover and I have to admit that there were more new faces for me to meet. One of them being Francesca Battistelli with WRITE YOUR STORY and my personal favorite of this disc, SPEAK LIFE by Tobymac! What am I saying, how could there be a favorite without mentioning BEAUTIFUL DAY by Jamie Grace and PRESS ON by Building 429 (Featuring Blanca Callahan)?

My friend, as you can probably tell by now all this new music is quite overwhelming, so you are on your own, pick your own favorite!
Let the worshipper in you arise!

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