Revealing Jesus — Darlene Zschech: Review

revealingJesusMusic Review by Ellenor Lotter


When I think back to the first time I heard Shout to the Lord, I clearly remember how my heart was gripped by this beautiful woman of God and the way she worshipped Him. I remember reading that she felt so insecure taking this song to her team at the next practice!  Unbeknown to her, this song would be sung around the globe in the most remote little churches to name but one place it popped up!  At this time Darlene and her husband Mark were part of Hillsong Church in Australia.  This church was really instrumental in the worship movement worldwide in those years and still is today, setting a tone with their style of worship, impacting nations.  Around 1999 Darlene was one of the keynote speakers at a worship conference hosted by Rhema in Johannesburg.  Attending this un-deniably impacted my personal journey as a worshipper.

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REVEALING JESUS:  A LIVE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE.  This production’s main focus and purpose has been declaring and proclaiming the finished work of Jesus Christ, revealing His glory and fame throughout the earth. This message became very personal for Darlene and her family in the past months as she herself walked through a battle with cancer.  “By singing these songs I stand up against sickness, against poverty…“  When you look at the DVD, you will hear her sharing her heart behind this production.  You will also see familiar faces like Israel Houghton involved on stage as well as responsible for production, Kari Jobe co-writing and performing ‘VICTOR’S CROWN’ with Darlene and Israel and then of course the one and only Michael W Smith.

One of the songs on this album that truly gripped me from the word ‘go’ was “YOUR PRESENCE IS HEAVEN”.  Nothing can compare with finding that secret hiding place with Jesus, the place known to a man like King David when he wrote Psalm 91. Let me not even get started on “MAGNIFICENT” or “MY JESUS I LOVE THEE”.    

I do have to admit that finding and naming a top 5 favorite songs off this 12 track CD is not an easy job.  You will have to check this out for yourself!  There is a bonus to this, yes, you have guessed it, the album includes a DVD! 


Let the worshipper in you arise.

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