Lincoln Brewster — Oxygen: Review

oxygenMusic Review by Ellenor Lotter

Maybe this week’s review should be entitled “Confessions of a Worshipper.”  How is it that I didn’t know about Lincoln Brewster?  There is two things I like about this guy, no make it three!  1.  He is 6 months older than me, underlining the fact that your worship can impact the world when you are ‘our age’… 2.  OXYGEN and of course 3, the hairstyle! 

So I was introduced to Lincoln Brewster yesterday for the first time and what an introduction this turned out to be.  His music had me singing in the car in no time.  I love discovering the story behind the story and this one really proves that when Jesus writes a story it inspires us.  We will overcome, by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!

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Brewster’s musical journey started way back in his mother’s womb to be exact, with her being a musician too and with the Word of God telling us in Ps. 139:13 that this is where our destiny is being knitted into us, it is no surprise that this little boy picked up on the rhythms his mommy sang to.  When he was one year old his mom noticed how he could keep the rhythm of music he was listening to and his grandfather stepped in eagerly providing his very own drum set to get things started.  By 5 he played the mandolin and by the age of  9 he was confidently playing the electrical guitar. 

This little boy grew up in very difficult circumstances with a violent and alcoholic stepfather, but the one thing even the most chaotic environment could not take from him, was the refuge he found in his music, something he and his mom shared.  By the age of 19 he had is first record deal on the table but was following a different path after the God Who was drawing him into a much bigger master plan. 

Lincoln’s story brings so much hope to a generation that thinks “they are where they come from.”  He started going to church with his childhood sweetheart Laura, who later became his wife and deliberately made choices that would lead to a life filled with stability and God at the centre.  He wants to get the message out that it is important to “stick it out in life and not quit on every turn”.  Putting his money where his mouth is, they have been members of Bayside Church in Sacramento, California for the past 14 years, being Worship and Creative Arts Pastor for the past 5 years.  OXYGEN is the 9th studio album of this well-known musician/worship pastor and was released 4 years after his previous release. 

“With a lot going on in church and family life” he had a more than enough ‘life’ to draw from while writing this album.  In the past months his wife also overcame a battle with a rare cancer and he said this whole ordeal changed their perspective on the word “TRUST” and how they relate to God. 

OXYGEN is well worth investigating.  Keep writing, keep singing, keep worshipping Lincoln!

Let the worshipper in you arise!

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