Help me stop anti-family groups in their tracks!

Defending family, faith and freedom

Homosexual activists are working diligently to criminalise any form of criticism of their lifestyles by ensuring “sexual orientation” is provided “special protection status” in hate crimes legislation.

They have been lobbying government for years and appear to be shifting focus to labour unions. If homosexuality is given special protection status in hate crimes laws, homosexual activists will use the law courts to criminalise and silence any opposition to their lifestyles, including the Scriptures.

Pastor Ake Green was arrested for preaching Romans 1 in his own pulpit in Sweden. Hate crimes laws were used to persecute him. There are several stories of Christians being prosecuted by “Hate Crimes” laws in the US – for peacefully promoting the Biblical view of homosexuality.

You and I cannot allow the Bible to be criminalised to legitimise the lifestyles of a small minority.

Pro-prostitution groups are also lobbying various government departments to decriminalise prostitution. Their strategy is to demonise the police. However, women and children are brutally abused and exploited by pimps, brothel owners and organised crime figures in the sex industry.

And these are the very people anti-family groups like SWEAT want legitimised. In other words, all police must be treated like criminals while criminals must be regarded as legitimate businessmen!

You cannot eradicate police corruption by legitimising an industry that is inherently abusive and evil.

The liberal media are mostly responsible for promoting the lies and deception of homosexual activists and pro-prostitution groups. They appear to publish dodgy “studies” without question.

“Watchmen on the Wall” will broadcast a two-part program on TBN Africa soon, exposing the truth about the sex industry. We will also investigate the claims made by homosexual activists.

Family Policy Institute was established to expose the lies of the enemy and promote righteousness and truth in society. We have faithfully fulfilled this mandate since July 2008.

We are monitoring Parliament and the media to keep you informed and updated about attacks on the family and Christian freedoms. There are groups working now to deny your religious freedoms.

I am currently battling well organised and well financed anti-family groups in SA with very evil agendas for our nation. These groups are foreign-funded and have multi-million rand budgets.

Your prayers and financial contributions help keep me on the frontlines of the battle for faith and family!


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