Helpful guide for new Christians and disciplers

Book Review by Andre Viljoen


What is the next step for a new Christian? What will it take for a lukewarm or backsliding Christian to become a healthy, growing, victorious believer?

The premise of this little book is that every Christian, new or longstanding, needs to build his or her life on the strong foundation of a relationship with Jesus Christ. The book sets out to help readers to secure their spiritual foundations by getting down to the basics of following Christ.

A strength of the book is the simple way in which it communicates the basics of coming into a relationship with Christ, starting a brand new way of life, and journeying into maturity as a fruitful member of God’s family. The clarity and simplicity of the message and the presentation of supporting Bible verses, will be appreciated by new Christians, struggling Christians and by Christians looking for a tool to help them share the gospel or encourage others to grow in their faith.

I also like the practical response questions at the end of each topic where readers are asked to tick boxes to confirm whether necessary understanding or action has taken place. This simple device will help readers to identify areas of their basic foundation that need attention.

The book comprises 97 A6 pages and  is available in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and French and can be ordered online from Salt Publishers. The cost is R40 per book or R35 per book for orders of over 100 books.

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