Hillsong proclaims ‘Jesus,’ ‘No Other Name’ from NYC Times Square billboards


Originally published in Gospel Herald

A popular pentecostal megachurch recently took to one of New York City’s most frequented platforms to proclaim the name of Jesus.

Hillsong Church, which has campuses all over the world, used 21 of the digital screens in Times Square to loop a video made of just a few frames flashing “Jesus” and “No Other Name” repeatedly.

“It was shocking-in a good way-to see the name of Jesus proclaimed so brightly in the center of the world’s largest, most chaotic city,” says NYC resident Julie McCoughy. “It’s an encouraging reminder for Christians and a great witness for unbelievers.”
Jay Argaet, Hillsong’s Art and Communications director, told The Christian Post that at least 400 people from Hillsong NYC participated in the campaign to “spread the word” and promote Hillsong’s new album. He was touched by the amount of visitors who displayed interest in the billboards, calling it a “night to remember.”

“Most interesting of all, were the murmurs from onlookers, as they talked among themselves, trying to work out what ‘company’ was being promoted and why there was no ‘brand’ or ‘logo’ attached to the ‘ad.’ Connecting the different frames from the video and realizing that the phrase ‘No Other Name’ was referring to the name of Jesus,” stated Argaet.

Times Square is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States, receiving an average of 260 000 visitors per day.
Argaet says that while the campaign cost a few thousand dollars, it was worth the money.

“Times Square – one of the most iconic locations on earth – is a place where so many names scream for fame,” Argaet says in an unreleased blog post. “The most powerful brands, biggest shows and famous celebrities … every name wants to be the greatest! Perhaps this would be the most powerful way to remind the world HIS name trumps them all.”

The “No Other Name” event started at 9 am April 24 and will be used as a cover for Hillsong Live’s new album of the same name which will be released July 1 of this year.

Hillsong Church was founded in 1983 by Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston and is known for its award-winning music and extensive mission program. Hillsong’s website states that it is “a Church about a God, who is all about people,” and their “singular, all-consuming passion is to build God’s Church and Kingdom.”

About 30 000 worshipers attend Hillsong’s services held every weekend at its twelve campuses throughout the country. In Australia, the megachurch has six campuses and twice as many extension services.

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  1. As a Hillsong (Century City, Cape Town) church goer myself I would like to invite all the ladies to attend Bobbie Houston`s Colour Conferences.
    We have just had the 4th one with 8000 ladies attending.
    It was hectic. Ground breaking and totally awesome. She invites international speakers from all over the world and these women always take the audience to a whole new level.
    One whole weekend where it is all about Jesus!
    This normally happens the weekend of the 4th of April which gives us an excellent run up to our menfolk attending the Karoo Mighty Men Conference only 2 weeks later.
    So no excuses girls.
    This is just for you.
    I think this advertisement in NY is a huge step up to proclaim Jesus as our ONE AND ONLY KING!!!