‘His Call, My All’ is genuinely inspiring — Book Review

henniekeyterBook Review by Allan Verreynne


Published by Tracey McDonal Publishers, 2014

Pioneering the Gospel into Africa
Hennie, in my humble estimation, is a modern day general in the mission field. He and his family have unquestionably led by example. They have blazed inroads into African territories north of our border, under the divine guidance of God. They have pioneered the Gospel into dark, sometimes demonic, and dangerous areas with a determination that can only be forged through prayer and obedience to God’s calling.

The Kingdom of God expanded
In those areas where he has been called, the Kingdom of God has expanded and exploded. The liberating and healing Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has been experienced by many different tribes and tongues and nations. The church of Christ has been strengthened, and many church leaders, whose names will never go up on billboards or feature in magazines, have been captivated and cultivated by the crucified and resurrected life of the Son of God

A life sold out to God
This book seeks to capture a glimpse of what God can do through a life that is sold out to Him. Once you start it, I guarantee that you won’t want to put it down! It is an easy, yet gripping read. He tells it as it is – no strings attached!

Hennie is a no nonsense man of God. He is real, he is honest, and he not afraid to get in your face if necessary – but always with a good purpose in mind! I certainly have not heard of any missionary who has faced a firing squad and lived to tell the tale! You will be whooping or hollering with joy to the Lord when you read the outcome of this, and many other tales that he tells. Talk about adventure – you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! Who ever had the idea that serving the Lord was dull or monotonous? Hennie’s life will surely convince you otherwise!

An honest and repentant heart
This is a hallmark and quality of Hennie’s life which becomes very evident in his dealings with God and his family and the church. The enduring lessons learned out of the hard realities of life, will leave a lasting impression upon you (with the occasional tear for good measure!) .These lessons are not learned out of a book, but shaped out of the experiences of life, and all related to the Book of Life – the Bible.

Another feature which struck me forcibly is his absolute confidence in responding to God in trust and obedience when he heard God speak. There are no “co-incidences” in the recorded activities – they really are “God-incidences”. These bear stark testimony to the fact that God is real, and is still speaking today, through life’s circumstances to those who trust Him and obey Him. The many times that God guided, provided for, and protected Hennie and others in his ministry team, is a truly wonderful, awe inspiring testimony in itself!

Sense of humour
Just in case you think that his story is only super serious – let me tell you, there are some hilarious tales that are told. My friend, you will enjoy this book. You will be challenged by God, like Hennie initially was: “If you have a calling, then do something about it!”

This is a book you can give to any Christian who is sincerely on a quest to serve God both locally or trans-locally. It will not surprise me at all if folks respond to God’s call to mission in this modern book, as they did following Jim Elliot’s book ‘Through Gates of Splendour’ in his era!

Hennie’s humble life story in mission is genuinely inspiring! I do highly recommend it to you.

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  1. My parents, who retired a few streets away from Hennie’s home in Richmond KZN, adored Hennie and his family. They witnessed first-hand all his strengths and struggles with getting out to (and returning from!) his mission field. His courage and determination knew no bounds. Can’t wait to read the book asap.