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Let me start with a highlight of the time of the wedding. I don’t know how many of you are standing in faith for the salvation of family members and breakthroughs in their spiritual walk. Well, my brother was one of them. Our relationship growing up — nothing less than terrible and non-existant. But fast forward from there till two days before the wedding. For which my brother John-James and Natalia had driven down from Johannesburg .

DON’T MISS THIS!!! This can be yours! Keep Believing!

I got to baptise them at Blouberg beach on a Saturday morning. I dreamt of his baptism and conversion in 2013. That is 6 years ago! Take courage. Believe. God loves family.

Please note : Usually bringing you frontline evangelistic stories of God’s manifest glory through Beautiful Witness Ministries from across the earth… this is different, but it is all the same. Glory manifests on the mission field and in the home. But read till the end because there is an amazing miracle you would not want to miss!

Here we go.

I know this month’s message will encourage you and grow you to go to the next level with God!

I shall title it HIS VOICE

Last time I wrote was just a few days after my wedding which didn’t take place as planned — as the groom never made it to his wedding – turned party cum farewell.

(If you are lost – believe me you dont want to miss it — go read last month’s article before continuing reading).
We didn’t officially coin it a farewell because I didn’t know what was going to happen!

Was I going to wait for him to get his passport and make his way to South Africa for the wedding or no? So many voices — some wise, some not, some trustworthy, some not, some internationally-known prophets and intercessors — all giving their word, dream from the Lord and insights into the situation. Which I value, BUT there was one problem =- they were all pointing in different directions.

But there is ONE VOICE I am accountable to above all others. That was the voice I was listening out for. His and His alone.

I believe in the counsel of many and that wisdom is found there. But sometimes FAITH for the impossible is needed and it comes from HEARING — Hearing the rhema Word of God. The living word spoken by God into a situation. This situation seemed impossible and needed some Daddy God time.

Can you imagine a bride three days before her wedding — ge-lash, ge-extend, ge-paint en gepolish, the dress, the hair, the venue, the food, the guests both local and international, the worship band, the guest artists, the band for the night, the preacher, the bridesmaids, the flowers, the decor, the cake and more!!! Everything ready. Hours of work. The disappointment. Impossible, right?!

Finally I made my way up Lion’s Head with an appointment with the Lion of Judah Himself. “God YOU speak to me”. I had no idea what to do anymore. I was overwhelmed and confused.

God showed Himself faithful. The following night I had a dream. In that dream I dreamt that I was on my way to Panama.

So I packed up my entire tiny room at my mom’s place in Cape Town South Africa and jumped on a plane to surprise my fiancée.

“Oe en het ons gekonkel!” -= I schemed alongside his assistant pastors on how to surprise him and all the logistics. He had no idea…


“But now what?” – you ask.

I am writing to you from our new apartment balcony here in tropical Panama in Central America. About 30 hours travel here. (No we are not married yet and no, we are not staying together or anything like that.)

But what we are doing is making our way through the backend of a traumatic storm, getting to know each other, doing life, and figuring out the next steps… one day at a time.

In the meantime we are also keeping the fire burning and manifesting Kingdom — we had our first NIGHT OF MIRACLES and more! Don’t miss out next month’s article for the GOOD NEWS of what God did!*

*Teaser : she almost left her wheelchair behind.

I want to end by saying this. Stay close. God is YOUR MAKER , His Spirit your counsellor. He wants the best for you. Listen to HIS VOICE and obey — no matter the cost!

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God Bless you with LOVE & FIRE

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