Holy Spirit revival in Cape Town

Evangelist Craig Meisenheimer who is leading the revial services in Mitchells Plain

Holy Spirit revival has broken out in the Cape Town township of Mitchell’s  Plain according to reports reaching Gateway News today.

Pastor Mark Bloemstein of the Westridge Evangelical Community Church, which is at the epicentre of the current move of God, said they were into their fourth week of exciting daily revival services with no sign of letting up. The services — two hour morning sessions and approximately four hour evening meetings — were being led by evangelist Craig Meisenheimer, a former gangster who was dramatically saved by God during the middle of a gang battle some 17 years ago. The meetings were non-denominational, with his church merely serving as a venue for what God was doing in Mitchell’s Plain and beyond.

Bloemstein who has pastored the church for the past 16 years, while working as a carpenter by day, said God was achieving instantaneous healing and deliverance breakthroughs in young people that churches had not been able to attain through long periods of intensive counselling. He said normally he would be exhausted after nearly four weeks of day and night services but this experience was energising.

School lessons suspended
He said the revival was touching people — especially children — who were thirsty for more of God, with manifestations such as uncontrollable weeping, talking in tongues, falling under the power of God and prophesying. Young people were being saved and lukewarm believers were being revived. In one case, a few children who had been blessed at a service triggered a group reaction during an assembly at the Shiloah Christian School in Wynberg resulting in lessons being suspended for four hours as children encountered God. He said he was working on a carpentry project at the school when he was called by a concerned teacher and saw about 40 teenagers crying, laughing, prophesying and proclaiming the truths of God. He said that the school principal, Vanessa Maxwell, was sensitive enough to deal well with the situtation and encouraged the children to share testimonies the next day about what God had done in their lives. One Xhosa-speaking learner shared that she had been healed of serious ailments for which she had been receiving medical treatment. She said that she had told her mother that after her encounter with God she no longer wanted to participate in traditional rituals with the family, especially those related to her health problems. Parents who attended a church which would not normally be open to the power of the Holy Spirit were encouraging their teenage children to keep attending the revival meetings because they were being set free from involvement with drugs which was rife in the area.

He said that new people were coming to the services every day. The revival leaders believed that God was showing them that they should adopt a strategy inspired by 2 Kings 4, in which the prophet Elisha instructed a widow, who feared that her creditors would enslave her sons, to put out empty vessels and to pour oil into them. As long as new vessels were put out the oil kept flowing. Bloemstein said: “We will keep going with the services as long as there are new vessels ( i.e. thisrty people) to fill. We would like to get as many vessels filled as possible,” he said.

He said that he and Meisenheimer, along with other Christians in the region were part of the Transformation Africa network that has been calling on God for revival for years. “We have seen bits and pieces before but this is different,” he said.

On his facebook page on Monday, Meisenheimer wrote:
“We started today with the fourth week of meetings,all I can say is that the revival is spreading,the meetings has been extended for another month,and people are coming every night from different churches,and is carrying the fire to where they are going,our heart is to see this spread all over the city.  We are in the 3 week of the revival in Mitchell’s plain with Pastor Mark Bloemstein,Evangelical community church.Last night a group of young people came to the meetings,got hit with the fire of God,and today in school,@ the assembly the power of God came upon 40 of the students,prophesying and speaking in other tongues,the school could not function as usual,this fire is spreading,we are continuing for as long it takes.
When you make room for the anointing,the anointing will make room for you.


  1. I have NEVER seen Cape Town so ALIVE for Jesus!!!
    Especially amongst the youth.
    An unprecedented spiritual hunger is rising in the hearts of many South Africans.
    This reminds me of the 1859 Revival!!!
    “This revival could not be explained. It came like a “hurricane”, like a “Mighty flood”
    The people didn`t know what happened until it happened!!
    Trying to explain it the people could only stand back and point to Heaven.
    When it did come, it was known far and wide for what it was, a heaven-sent move of God.
    If there was ever a year of revival, it was the year of 1859.”

    The greatest revival and crisis in history is here!
    It is the darkest hour before the dawn and our hearts remain full of faith.
    We know that a great awakening is soon to sweep across our nation.
    We look with confidence to Gods promise to pour out His spirit on all flesh to empower His people to bring the gospel to all.
    What a privilege to live in this awesome hour of history!

  2. Amen…God is at work in our country…..please keep our ladies ministry at Kleinskool in your prayers…..that through them God can be glorified and the people of this area saved…God bless you.

  3. Yes, we want that Revival to spread to the Bay too !!! Bring your Spirit LOrd and let us have a Revival in Port Elizabeth Please.

  4. Praise Jesus! How great to hear about this revivial! We are hungry that this revival will also come to all of us in South Africa! Port Elizabeth especially – we need G_d and we long for Him! Blessings! Shalom!

  5. This is true revival, Praise the Lord! Let all understand and trust God for it here.

  6. I pray for a double portion Azusa Centennial in South Africa.

  7. I’ve been attending these meetings for the last 4 weeks and all I can say that its God. The excitement is so intense among my family because over the past years most of my Father, Pastor Patrick’s conversation was about Revival its been on his heart for many years and his spent many years seeking God in prayer for this outpouring and I’m so greatful that God has spared him to see it come to pass. I’m expecting a major change in my life and I can see things are already happening in my life that God alone could do. For those who are praying for Revival, Revival is here people its here, God chooses where He wants to move and His chosen Mitchells Plain to be the host.

  8. Come Holy Spirit come. The church is not supossed to be a sterile, academic environment dominated by facts instead of faith by sense instead of the Spirit. God should be welcomed back to His Church

  9. Dorianne hendricks


  10. Thank you Jesus for the Mighty Power of the Holy Sprit

  11. What is happening in Mitchells Plain has all the Biblical and historical elements of revival. Praise God! May the Holy Spirit allow it to continue for as long as there are ’empty vessels’ needing to be filled with His oil.


  13. OH yes. God came, God comes!

  14. Attended last nights meeting and God took hold of the minister Craig M. He laughed uncontrollably and it affected some of the people present including myself. I believe God has performed some miracles in the lives of individuals and looking forward to the testimonies that will follow. U could sense supernatural miracles taking place in people’s lives.God has come thru for me, in last week I received a promotion and I know that it was only bcause of God and what his busy doing in my life. Praise God He is awesome!

  15. Oh my but tonight was AWESOME,I will download some video pics that can be more explainatry bcause words can’t describe the awesome time we had in the presence of the almighty God. Cape Town you missing out you need to run to these meetings, its all God nothing else.God is pouring is oil its powerful!!

  16. OH MY tonight was awesome. Cape Town you missing out if u not yet a part of this mighty wave that’s hit Mitchells Plain WECC. I’m struggling to download some video pics that I took tonight bcause you’ve got to see it to believe words can’t explain what God is doing, his pouring out His oil and transforming the lives of men and women.

  17. Into the 6th week of the revival services and God’s continual power is being manifested in the place. Had a supernatural experience today,on Tues. Pastor Craig’s message was on faith’ speaking the word of God over your situation. I then did that the Wed.and today at work. Speaking positive words of provision and healing over my situation. Tonight when I opened my purse there was R500 in it,enough money to cover my needs for the week ahead.I have no idea where this money came from and I’m still a bit in shock, this is a MIRACLE, it has boosted my faith to another level. God is so faithful to his word He is an awesome God, nothing is impossible with Him.All glory and honour belongs to Him.Thank you God for your provision!!!!!

  18. Wow, jusr reading about this gives me goose bumps, we are living in the book of Acts, where God’s presence filled those disciples in the upper room and then the Gentiles…how awesome is God…praise be to His name

  19. rhoda bloemstein

    The 7th week coming to a close and God is still pouring His oil of gladness, blessings, freedom, upon His people, this oil will keep flowing when new vessels keep attending these meetings. God wants to break forth in Cape Town. It’s time for the church to arise, and God to take His rightful place in our city. These meetings has set my heart ablaze,my desire for God has intensified and an unusual love for souls has gripped my heart. Fear no longer controls me but the love of Christ. Be encouraged to join us tomorrow evening the focus will be on the youth so do come and experience what God wants to do in your life.

  20. Revival meetings still continueing into the 8th week and God has been doing amazing things
    Last week a few teams went out evangelising in the area and 34 souls gave their hearts to Jesus, Cape Town is so hungry and desperate for God the harvest is soo ready. Evangelism has never been any easier for me like it has been during these Revival meetings. One woman who’s been suffering from depression for many years, after experiencing joy in these meetings she experienced complete deliverance.She said the morning after when she woke up her spirit was still laughing and her life was beautifully changed from depression. I have a video of a 14yr old boy who felt like running all the time. He experienced a warm feeling like fire on his feet and legs and so felt the need to run on the spot.This boy has been radically changed he wishes to be in church everyday which is so unusual for a teenage boy. Will post a few other videos too.Just yesterday my family was spared from tragedy when my mom came close to death, but God so graciously intervened and spared her.She couldn’t breath and then lost conciousness, 5 of us struggled to carry her but God gave my sister one woman supernatural strength to lift her into the car in order to get her to the hospital intime.
    All honour and praise to God,He is mighty and awesome.

    • Thanks for the update Rhoda. I will include it in a report today updating what the Lord is doing in PE and Cape Town. Any photos and video clips will be welcome!

  21. Hi yes Holy Ghost fire meetings still taking place, its probably 16 weeks by now and God is still showing up in His power and glory. Tonight’s message was very encouring and inspiring, Pastor M. Bloemstein spoke on Romans 5 Justification by faith alone by us just believing are we justified. But it doesn’t stop there we have the right to live in freedom from any sin, sickness, poverty that has us bound, the power that made us justified can redeem of from anything we ask God.The example he used was Joseph’s life, he took and fully believed in the grace of God, he never compromised in what was right and stood on God’s word no matter the consequence and as a result reaped a life of blessing not only for himself but all who came in contact with him was blessed.

  22. Pastor Edward T. Magno

    I pastor a pioneering church of almost two years, I live right now in Bagong Silang, Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines, we’ve experienced revival before 17 years ago and I desire to happen it today in my life, please pray for me and in my church that it would happen it for us. If you can send someone here in the Philippines, I love to coordinate for revival. My desire and my prayer for 2013 is that God would stir-up my spirit to build His house (the church) and rebuild that which was broken. Please pray and impart to us also the fresh move of the Holy Spirit. Thanks

  23. Wow.I’ve never seen a coloured pastor before in my life who loves Jesus so much.Pastor craig…The Lord that is in him is doing wonders and may God bless him and his family