‘Lord Jesus, help us get her out’

Young girl rescued behind enemy lines (PHOTO: CBN News)
WATCH dramatic video footage below

Originally published by CBN News

Stunning video is emerging of American missionaries dodging ISIS gunfire in the heart of enemy territory in order to save the life of a trapped teenaged girl.

Faithwire has been documenting the efforts of the Free Burma Rangers, a Christian organization seeking to help the oppressed in areas such as Burma, Iraq, Syria and more.

They have been doing incredible work in the Mosul area as fighting continues to rage on, and today they posted a dramatic video of FBR’s David Eubank leading an operation to rescue a teenager trapped in the rubble of her own home in Mosul.

Iraqi soldier advances on location of young girl trapped beneath concrete in Mosul behind enemy lines.

Faithwire reported on the rescue shortly after it took place on May 6. FBR posted video of the events, and they are stunning.

Gunshots can be heard filling the air as they venture behind enemy lines.

Young girl trapped in rubble

The young girl had been in her home when fighting caused it to collapse, leaving her trapped in the rubble.

Her leg appears to be severely wounded, trapped under some large blocks of concrete.

As Eubank and the team approaches, he can be heard praying to Jesus for protection.

With help from the Iraqi army and local firefighters, the team moved in to the location of the trapped girl.

Gunfire continues to be heard in the air, while rescue crews quickly carry a generator over to the location of the trapped girl.

They went right to work, attempting to remove the large chunks of concrete from on top of the girl. The rescuers are able to loosen the concrete enough to pull her out to safety. But there was still danger.

Her location was behind enemy lines, they still had to avoid getting shot on their way back to the Iraqi army lines.

Eubank and others prayed with the young girl as they got her into a military vehicle.Eubank praying with a girl rescued just moments earlier.

Eubank then holds the young girl’s hand and engages in conversation with her as they head to safety.

FBR’s David Eubank comforts a young girl wounded in ISIS conflict.

With all of the political bickering going on, it’s videos like these that put what really matters into perspective. People being the hands and feet of Jesus when the world needs it most.


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