Hundreds of Christian leaders praying in parliament on Friday ** UPDATED **

Believers everywhere challenged to spend hour in prayer

On Friday November 24 about 250 Christian leaders with national influence will meet in parliament from 1.30pm to 4pm to pray for the nation.

“We are all extremely concerned about the erosion of values and key challenges facing our beloved nation,” say organisers of the prayer event which will focus on righteous leadership, the moral and spiritual condition of our nation, and restoring vision and hope (a new heart for our nation).

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“We are challenging all Christians across SA to spend one hour in prayer on Friday, 24th November between 12:00 – 16h00, e.g. offer up your lunch hour and meet with friends and work colleagues in prayer for our nation.

The prayer day will be streamed live from this special page

“We encourage Business, Church and all of Society to gather in small and large groups wherever you are to pray for our beloved Nation,” say the organisers in a post on the SAParliamentPrayerDay Facebook page.

Farmer evangelist Angus Buchan who is one of the leaders who will be praying in parliament, and will preach a message of hope for the nation there, issued a video call for South Africans everywhere to be part of the prayer day:

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Jericho Walls International has posted prayer pointers which can be viewed or downloaded here, around the main focus areas of righteous leadership and restoring vision and hope. You can also view a video of JWIPN’s Benny Mostert calling Christians to pray.

In Port Elizabeth church leaders, pastors, intercessors and worship leaders will be praying together in the City Hall council chambers from 1pm to 3pm. More information is available from Pierre at 083 370 3592 and from Pete at 083 657 4213.

Invitation to the parliament prayer day is by invitation only because of limited seating, said Dr Graham Power chairman of Unashamedly Ethical and coordinator of the prayer day organising team.

“Interest in Friday from leaders has been huge,” he said. But the prayer venue — the former main chamber of parliament where many laws were passed — could only accommodate about 250 people, he told Gateway News.

Power said the Parliament Prayer Day initiative was birthed out of a journey over the past three to four months by a small team, including himself, Rev Moss Ntlha of the Evangelical Alliance of SA, Peter Tarentaal of the SA Christian Leadership Initiative, reconciliation leader Anneke Rabe and Elza Meyer of Turn2God. During this time the group has prayed — together with intercessors — at various sites around South Africa, including Table Mountain and the Union Buildings.




  1. Nick van Rensburg

    And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you all there. Keep leading the world by example. The eyes and ears are on you and listening. South Africa must continue to stand up and proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Love to all from Pipey

  3. When two or more gather and agree in Jesus name it shall be so. We declare that South Africa shall be saved in Jesus Name. Amen

  4. Dear Fellow Christians, if these so called revival prayers do not call for the rescinding of the evil that this country has allowed into our society, i.e. ABORTION and the degrading of Almighty God’s institution of marriage between a man and a woman, they will avail little. I will pray for a spiritual awakening among Christians. An awakening that they will carry with the Lord daily, especially into the election booth. May God have mercy on all of us. Peter Throp.

  5. Deborah Lansdell

    My thoughts and prayers are with Zimbabwe and South Africa. Whatever we ask for in prayer and if we believe we shall receive. Amen

  6. I am so excited about Christians who are rising and standing unashamed, for Jesus. God is moving in our land and Im loving it.

  7. Peter Throp – I am in total agreement with you. For our nation to be blessed we need, as a nation, to repent and turn from evil, and also to honour and bless Israel according to the word of Yehovah. Sin needs to be seen as sin, and any compromise therein, is an alliance with the sin.

  8. If My People… starts with us…we need to turn from our wicked ways as GOD’S people then the land will be healed…

  9. Margaret Coetzer

    God will bring our country to know we will not turn back from Him because that’s His will for us all. Love to all.

  10. Sonia Odendaal

    Agree with Peter Throp! We can’t tolerate one evil and fight the other.

  11. Thomlyn Jacobs

    God will never leave nor forsake us. Revival is here! Praise God!